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Fisher Biotec are offering the latest specials and promotional offers on a wide range of popular products, including: With any purchase of a digital Dry Bath from Select BioProducts, receive FREE block/blocks (valid until 30/9/19) […]

FREE Dry Block/Blocks with any purchase of a digital DRY BATH

Heated Digital Dry Baths, free block/s offer – from only $750 ex-GST When you purchase any Select BioProducts digital Dry Bath, you can choose your FREE block/blocks – see flyer for more details.  Heated, digital […]

SPECIAL OFFER: Microcentrifuges from $340*

Thinking Microcentrifugation? ‘Spin down’ and prepare your samples with these easy to operate Microcentrifuges from Select BioProducts Force Mini – Personal Mini Centrifuge – normally $409, now just $340 (ex-GST) SelectSpin™ 21 Air Cooled Microcentrifuge […]

Animal Containment Workstation: VIVA® (ESCO)

The VIVA® Animal Containment Workstation is the portable safety solution for Animal Research Laboratories VIVA® Universal Workstations The VIVA Universal Animal Containment enclosure employs two independently balanced ULPA filtration modules to protect animals inside the […]

Aspirator with Trap Flask (BioSan)

The Aspirator with Trap Flask is designed for aspiration or removal of alcohol, buffer and liquid from reaction vessels This device can be applied for routine operations of cells washing from culture medium and re-suspension […]

Balance Enclosure – Powder Weighing: Powdermax™ (ESCO)

The Powdermax™ Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure is designed for enhanced usability and efficiency Designed specifically for powder containment applications, the Powdermax™ enclosure employs carefully directed inward airflow at the face of the enclosure to protect […]

Balance Enclosure – Ventilated VBE (ESCO)

The Ventilated Balance Enclosure is designed for the highest level of protection for the operator The Esco Ventilated Balance Enclosure (VBE) is designed specifically for stability and accuracy while maintaining a high level of operator […]

Balances – Compact: Analytical HR-AZ/HR-A Series (A&D Weighing)

The HR-AZ/HR-A Compact Analytical Balances offer fast accurate precision measuring The HR-AZ/HR-A series can weigh 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability. Compact footprint 198mm x 294mm Large removable breeze break with antistatic coating Fast stabilization […]

Balances – Compact: EJ Series (A&D Weighing)

The EJ Series Compact Balances offer accurate, high quality, attractive, stackable units The EJ 1mg series has a breeze break with anti-static coating to ensure high precision and stability. Portability Unique and engaging color scheme […]

Balances – Compact: HT Series (A&D Weighing)

The HT Series Compact Balances with three (3) color bars for easy identification The HT series offers storage box and stackable case. Optional stainless steel pan also available. Large LCD display Long battery life Multiple […]

Balances – Industrial Wet Area: GP Series (A&D Weighing)

The GP Series Industrial Wet Area Warrior Class Scales are high capacity scales suitable for use in hostile environments With IP65 level protection and a column mounted indicator the GP Warrior scale is ideal for […]

Balances – Micro Analytical: BM Series (A&D Weighing)

The Microbalance range of balances have accurate measurement with micrograms readability The BM Series of Microbalances have many advanced and practical features including: Easy, fanless static elimination using a built-in ionizer Better operability with a […]