DNA/RNA Extraction/Purification & Sampling Kits

At Fisher Biotec, we work with only the world’s leading brands in scientific research such as MAWI, MagBio, Favorgen, Alphagen and more. We supply Australian laboratories with quality DNA extraction and purification kits that are free from contamination and provide you with high-quality DNA and RNA yields from a variety of sample types including cells, tissue, bacteria, plants and more. Our range of RNA and DNA extraction kits allow for rapid extraction, for PCR amplification, gene expression and more.

In addition to DNA and RNA extraction kits, we also supply other lab consumables and products to assist with your research including centrifuges, PCR equipment, lab plastics and more. If you are looking for something in particular, our friendly team is more than happy to help. Enquiry online about DNA/RNA extraction kits or call us on 1800 066 077!

96-Well Plate System (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of 96-Well Plate Systems.

Blood Genomic DNA (ALPHAGEN)

The ALPHAGEN Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit’s are a reliable, easy-to-use and convenient method for extracting genomic DNA.

Blood Total RNA (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN supplies Blood and Cultural Cell RNA Mini Kit’s for use.

DNA Fragment Extraction Kit (ALPHAGEN)

These DNA fragment extraction kits provide an efficient and reliable means of extracting DNA fragments from a variety of sample types.

DNA Sequencing Clean-Up Kit (ALPHAGEN)

We are trusted suppliers for ALPHAGEN Biotech’s DNA Sequencing Clean-Up Kit’s.

EtBr Destroyer (ALPHAGEN)

ALPPHAGEN Biotech supplies both EtBr Destroyer Bags and Sprayers. The ready pack ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer Bag is idea for the treatment of liquid Ethidium Bromide contaminant. Sprayer can be used for the treatment of solid […]

Food DNA Extraction Kit (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of Food DNA Extraction Kits.

Genomic DNA Clean-Up Kit (ALPHAGEN)

ALPPHAGEN Biotech supplies Genomic DNA Clean-Up Kits.

Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (ALPHAGEN)

The ALPHAGEN Biotech Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides a rapid, simple and efficient method for extracting genomic DNA from plant tissues.

Plant Total RNA (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a supplier for Fisher Biotec’s Plant Total RNA Mini Kit’s.

Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit (ALPHAGEN)

Principle : mini spin column (silica matrix) Size of plasmid or construct : < 15 kb Operation time : < 25 minutes Typical Yield : 20 ~ 30 μg Binding capacity : 60 μg/ column […]

Reagents Systems (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN supplies various reagents to suit various applications.