Axygen products and solutions for genomics applications are offered through a wide portfolio of tools including: automation tips, PCR consumables, pipette tips, storage plates, sealing options, nucleic acid isolation kits and devices, and benchtop equipment.

FAVORGEN Biotech Corp.

Favorgen Biotech are manufacturers of high-quality molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents.

Fisher Biotec

Fisher Biotec represent some of the world's leading scientific agencies and offer leading-edge products for Molecular Biology, Life Science Research, Genomics and Proteomoics Research.

IBA Lifesciences

IBA Lifesciences is a biotechnology company that provides innovative products including custom specific services for life science applications for the scientific industry.

IT-IS Life Science Ltd

IT-IS Life Science Ltd has developed high performance technology for real-time PCR. The MyGo Pro® Real-time PCR System provides unmatched performance in a convenient format.

Sorenson BioScience, Inc

Sorenson BioScience is a leading provider of quality plastic consumables including pipette tips, PCR products, microcentrifuge tubes, M┬ÁltiFlex gel loading tips, and OneTouch tips.