Plastic Labware & Consumables

Automation (Robotic) Tips – Compatible Brands (Axygen)

Axygen Automation (Robotic) Tips are engineered to the exact specifications of the original equipment manufacturers’ tips, ensuring complete compatibility and a consistent fit.   Engineered to exact specifications of the workstation vendor’s tips Maxymum Recovery […]

Automation (Robotic) Tips – RapidTips (Diffinity Genomics)

Diffinity RapidTips™ for automated solutions are for research facilities seeking a faster, higher throughput process for PCR purification. Using a 96-tip head, you can purify a plate of PCR samples in less than 2 minutes […]

Centrifuge Tubes – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Centrifuge Tubes are polypropylene, non-pyrogenic and are RNase-free and DNase-free. With large white marking spot, these flat topped tubes with bright green caps are available in bulk and Styrofoam racked options. Sterile and non-sterile options. […]

Chromatography Columns – AxySpin

The AxySpin™ Chromatography Columns are designed to transport prehydrated chromatographic media, such as gel filtration and affinity resins. The three column sizes (mini, midi and maxi) will accommodate a wide range of different resin volumes […]

Cryogenic Vials – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Cryogenic Vials are polypropylene, sterile and are non-pyrogenic and RNase-free and DNase-free. Vials are self-standing and have internal and external thread options and graduation and large marking spot.  Available in a range of […]

Dialysis Accessories (Membrane Filtration)

A range of convenient Membrane Filtration Dialysis Accessories are available Locking dialysis membrane clamps Filter Funnels Cellu-Sep flat sheet membrane squares Dialysis tubing bag holders.  

Dishes – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Dishes are sterile, clear polystyrene with surface for cell attachment. Stackable and cover allows gas exchange. Available in a range of sizes and quantity.  

Flasks – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Flasks are sterile, clear polystyrene with surface for cell attachment. Flasks are stackable with vent or non vent style cap. Flask shape minimizes slushing into neck and accessibility to entire growth surface area. […]

Membranes – Dialysis T-Series: CelluSep (Membrane Filtration)

Cellu·Sep® Regenerated Cellulose Tubular Membranes are made from cotton and are treated with glycerin to prevent the pores from collapsing. The Cellu-Sep membranes are then air dried at a certain temperature and pressure, to form […]

Pipettes – Serological (Trueline)

Serological Pipettes are polystyrene, non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic. Sterile pipettes have fine graduations and are available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL sizes.  

Pipette Tips – Aerosol Barrier (Axygen)

The Axygen Aerosol Barrier Tips are manufactured from a technologically advanced filter material allowing free passage of air while preventing passage of aerosols. Technologically advanced filter material allows free passage of air while blocking aerosol contamination Filter membrane […]

Pipette Tips – Full Range (Axygen)

The Axygen Pipette Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors. Flexible walls and a series of internal sealing rings ensure a secure fit with less force required to load […]