Plastic Labware & Consumables

Reservoirs – Reagent (Sorenson BioScience)

Reagent Reservoirs are designed to accommodate all types of pipettors Graduation marks on interior walls Lot certified RNase/DNase-Free and non-pyrogenic Made of FDA grade plastic Pour-off spouts in each corner Available in 25ml, 55ml and […]

Reservoirs – Reagent Disposable (Axygen)

Disposable Reagent Reservoirs are designed to accommodate all multi-channel pipettors Maximum sample retrieval: 4 corners and a sharp V-bottom shape Non-pyrogenic and certified RNase-/DNase-free Sterile and Non-Sterile Available in maximum volume 25mL, 50mL and 100mL.

Sealing Mats, Sealing Films & Sealing Film Roller (Axygen)

Axygen® Sealing Solution Products are suitable for applications ranging from PCR and real-time PCR to ELISA and cell culture AxyMat Sealing Mats – for PCR Microplates and Assay and Storage Microplates. Research-grade silicone sealing mats […]

Sealing Products for PCR: μltraAMP™ (Sorenson BioScience)

μltraAMP™ PCR Plate and Tube Sealing Options PCR plates have slightly raised rims on wells for optimum sealing. Adhesive seals and cap strips prevent evaporation during thermal cycling or storage. Sealing mats can be reused […]

Syringe Columns (SPE) – AxyPrep™ (Axygen)

The SPE Syringe Column fits all commonly available disposable syringes The AxySep SPE Syringe Column is a fritted, snap-together device that can be filled with a sorbent for carrying out syringe-mediated SPE (solid phase extraction). […]

Pipette Tips – RapidTip™ Clean-up (Diffinity Genomics)

Diffinity RapidTip™ – Purification of PCR Prodcts in one minute! The Diffinity RapidTip™ is a single-use, functional pipette tip which effectively removes dNTPs and primers while providing greater than 90% recovery of pure DNA fragments […]

Thermal Paper – High Density (Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi Thermal Paper KP65HM-CE – High Density Thermal Paper, 4 rolls/box, 20m rolls, width 110mm (equivalent to UPP-110HD) Compatible printers – P95DW and P93DW. Contact Fisher Biotec for your ordering requirements.

Thermal Paper – High Density & High Gloss (Sony)

High Density Sony Thermal Paper – UP110HD • 110 mm wide 230 prints per roll Recommended for use in UP-880, UP-890MD, UP895MD, UP-897MD, UP-D895 and UP-D897 Sony printers High Gloss Sony Thermal Paper – UP-110HG […]

Transport Tubes (Axygen)

Self-standing Screw Cap Transport Tubes (available with blue caps) Graduation marks at 1.0 mL intervals Tubes have large, frosted writing area for sample identification Secure fit between tube and cap provides a leak-resistant seal Maximum […]

Work Mats – Adhesive (Ratek)

Adhesive Work Mats – ‘Keep containers where they belong – on the bench’ Ideal for laboratory benches, glassware trolleys and sample preparation areas Available in 2 sizes to suit most applications Completely washable Mats are […]