Vale Life Sciences

Fisher Biotec is the Australian Distributor for the Vale Life Sciences range of products

Vale Life Sciences is an Australian based company who provide unique and innovative research technologies, products and tools for use in medical, disease and drug research with a focus on 2D and 3D cell based assays. The product range includes the Happy Cell® Cell Culture ASM 3D Medium; Happy Cell® Cell Culture ASM Inactivation Solution Reagent; Happy Cell® Cell Culture Kits for General Purpose Scale-Up; Happy Cell® Cell Culture Trial Kit; and Happy Cell® Cell Culture Microplates.


Cell Culture – Happy Cell® ASM 3D Medium (Vale Life Sciences)

Happy Cell® Advanced Suspension Medium (ASM) is a liquid matrix that has a multitude of uses Happy Cell® is ideally suited to 3D Cell Culture. It is cost effective, scalable, rapidly deployable and easy to […]

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® ASM Flow Cytometry Reagent (Vale Life Sciences)

Happy Cell® ASM – A Solution to Passive Cell Sedimentation in Flow Cytometry Happy Cell ASM Flow Cytometry Reagent has been formulated to be compatible with commercially available flow cytometers. This product, supplied as a […]

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® ASM Inactivation Solution Reagent (Vale Life Sciences)

Happy Cell® ASM Inactivation Solution is a liquid reagent used in conjunction with Happy Cell® ASM Happy Cell ASM facilitates the recovery of 3D multi-cellular structures by irreversibly disrupting the Happy Cell ASM suspension polymer […]

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® Kit #2: General Purpose Scale-Up (Vale Life Sciences)

Happy Cell® General Purpose Scale-Up Kit #2 is a complete kit for culturing cells in Happy Cell ASM using 50 mL Bioreactors The Happy Cell® ASM General Purpose Scale Up kit #2 is a simple […]

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® Kits: Trial Kit #1 (Vale Life Sciences)

Vale Happy Cell® Trial Kit #1 Happy Cell Trial Kit #1 is designed to allow the researcher to conduct proof of principle experiments with Happy Cell to understand its properties, how it works and to […]

Cell Culture Nanoslide & Microplates (Vale Life Sciences)

Nanoslide (Catalog # VHPNS) The Vale Nanoslide allows for ultra miniaturisation of assays and has been developed to have the same functionality as a standard microtiter plate. Open plate design allows for free diffusion of […]