Centrifugation & Accessories

Centrifuge/Vortex – Combined (BioSan)

Combined Centrifuge Vortex for PCR Plates The Spin–Mix–Spin technology is intended to spin-down micro volumes of reagents on the well’s bottom (first centrifugation spin), following mixing (mix) and spin-down the reagents again from the walls […]

Centrifuge/Vortex – Multi Spins

Centrifuge/Vortex – Multi-Spins (MSC-3000 and MSC-6000) Centrifuge/vortex Multi–Spins MSC-3000 and MSC-6000 are products of many years evolution of Spin–Mix–Spin technology that is intended for collecting micro volumes of reagents on the microtube’s bottom (first centrifugation […]

Centrifuge – Mini Plate Spinner: Axyspin (Axygen)

Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge – Axyspin (Platespinner) is a compact centrifuge with an extremely small footprint It can be used before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield and accepts skirted, non-skirted and all […]

Centrifuges – General Purpose (Beckman)

Beckman Coulter Centrifuge Systems meet the needs of virtually every life science application The General Purpose Centrifuges combine performance with versatility for a wide range of applications. Allegra® X-5 Allegra® 6 Allegra® X-12 Allegra® X-12R […]

Centrifuges – High-Speed (Beckman)

Beckman Coulter Centrifuge Systems meet the needs of virtually every life science application The High-Speed Centrifuges offer adaptable solutions for separation, pelleting, harvesting and elutriation. J-6-M1 Avanti® J-E Avanti® J-HC Avanti® J-15 Avanti® J-15R Avanti® […]

High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge – Microspin 12

High-speed Mini-Centrifuge – Microspin 12 (Catalog No. BS-010213-AA1) Microspin 12 is used for extraction of RNA/DNA samples, sedimentation of biological components, biochemical and chemical analysis of micro-samples. Compact, desktop centrifuge Noiseless performance at maximum speed […]

Laboratory Centrifuge – LMC-3000

Laboratory Centrifuge – LMC-3000 (Catalog No. BS-010208-AAA) LMC-3000 is a modern low-speed bench-top centrifuge designed for operation with microtest plates and centrifuge tubes up to 50 ml, Gel Cards. This device is widely used in […]

Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge – LMC-4200R

Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge – LMC-4200R (Catalog No. BS-010212- AAA)LMC-4200R is a modern centrifuge designed for operation with microtest plates, Gel Cards and tubes from 2 to 50 ml. The LMC-4200R provides temperature control of biomaterial […]

Microcentrifuge – Air Cooled (Select BioProducts)

The SelectSpin® 21 Air Cooled Microcentrifuge has been designed to keep sample temperature rise to a minimum, even when operating at maximum speed and can be used in a cold room. Features include: Powerful brushless […]

Microcentrifuges – Force 712/1418/1624

The Force 712 digital Microcentrifuge is designed for low to medium speed applications. Operation of the unit is controlled by a microprocessor while time and rpm/rcf are set and displayed digitally. Airflow patterns within the […]

Minicentrifuges-Vortexes – Micro-Spin and Combi-Spin

Minicentrifuges-Vortexes – Microspin (FV-2400) and Combi-Spin (FVL-2400N) Minicentrifuges-Vortexes Micro–Spin FV-2400 and Combi–Spin FVL-2400N is specially designed for genetic engineering research (for PCR–diagnostics experiments). Units can be used in biomedical and biotechnological laboratories. Compact design and […]

Personal Sized Centrifuge – Force Mini

The Force Mini™ Centrifuge is a personal centrifuge that is ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes. The centrifuge was designed to be extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and […]