Assay Kits & Development Tools

Fisher Biotec supplies assay kits to science laboratories and researchers across Australia. assay kits are used for a wide range of applications from measuring disease, aiding the development of new drugs, detecting antibodies and quantifying soluble substances such as proteins and peptides.

Fisher Biotec supplies and manufactures assay kits, including ELISA kits (enzyme linked immunosorbent assays) for a variety of purposes and samples. Browse the range online today!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also offer bespoke solutions. Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your unique life science research requirements.

Assays – Microplate: SPARCL™ (Life Diagnostics)

Microplate SPARCL™ Assay kits are a simpler and faster ELISA alternative! SPARCL™ (Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Capture Luminescence) kits allow measurement of biomarkers in biological samples using a single set-up, 30 minute, no-wash immunoassay. A […]

Bespoke customer specific Custom Manufacturing Service

Did you know, Fisher Biotec can deliver custom products specifically designed to support your needs, including: General laboratory solutions and buffers Electrophoresis buffers dNTPs to your specifications Taq packed to your requirements All products manufactured […]

COVID-19 Research Reagents (Life Diagnostics)

The following kits, manufactured by Life Diagnostics, may be useful in Covid-19 drug and vaccine development and vaccine research: Acute phase protein ELISA and SPARCL™ kits Serum levels of CRP1,4,5,7,11 and SAA2,6, both acute phase […]

ELISA Kits – Acute Phase Protein (Life Diagnostics)

Acute Phase Protein ELISA kits Acute Phase Proteins including alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, CRP, haptoglobin and SAA are used as biomarkers of inflammation, infection and tissue injury. Life Diagnostics manufactures ELISA kits, SPARCL™ Assay Kits, purified proteins […]

ELISA Kits – Cardiovascular Biomarkers (Life Diagnostics)

Cardiovascular Biomarker ELISA kits Life Diagnostics aid the development of new drugs, diagnostic assays and surgical procedures by manufacturing ELISA kits, for cardiovascular biomarkers including troponin-I, myoglobin and FABP in all species used in preclinical […]

ELISA Kits – Immunoglobulin (Life Diagnostics)

Immunoglobulin ELISA kits Immunoglobulins – Immunoglobulin levels can provide important information in preclinical research as to health status and drug treatment. Life Diagnostics manufacture Immunoglobulin ELISA kits, SPARCL™ Assay kits and purified proteins for measurement […]

ELISA Kits – Immunotoxicity (Life Diagnostics)

Immunotoxicity ELISA kits Immunotoxicity ELISA Kits – Anti-KLH, -sheep red blood cell and -tetanus toxoid IgM and IgG are used as biomarkers of immunotoxicity. Life Diagnostics manufacture Immunotoxicity ELISA kits for these biomarkers in mice, […]

ELISA Kits – Liver Biomarkers (Life Diagnostics)

Liver Biomarker ELISA kits Evaluation of liver toxicity is essential during drug development. Life Diagnostics manufacture Liver Biomarker ELISA kits for assessment of liver toxicity and injury. View flyer for more information.

ELISA Kits – PEG and Anti-PEG Reagents (Life Diagnostics)

PEG and Anti-PEG ELISA kits PEG Reagents – Attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains to therapeutic antibodies and enzymes increases circulating half-life of the biologic entity. Life Diagnostics manufacture monoclonal antibodies and PEG Reagent ELISA […]

ELISA Kits – Skeletal Muscle Biomarkers (Life Diagnostics)

Skeletal Muscle Biomarker ELISA kits Skeletal Muscle Biomarkers – Skeletal muscle troponin-I is considered the biomarker of choice for detection of muscle injury because it is expressed exclusively in skeletal muscle. Life Diagnostics has developed […]

Protein Expression & Purification – Competent E. coli TOP10 (IBA Lifesciences)

Competent E. coli TOP10 – Chemically competent cells for plasmid propagation Competent E. coli TOP10 cells are ready for heat shock transformation with vector DNA and its subsequent propagation for cloning and transfection purposes. The […]

Protein Purification – Purified proteins (Life Diagnostics)

Purified Proteins Life Diagnostics offers a range of Purified Proteins including: Purified Acute Phase Proteins Purified Cardiac Proteins Purified Immunoglobulins Purified Liver Biomarkers Purified Skeletal Muscle Proteins, and PEG-Proteins. View the product flyer for more […]