Cooling & Refrigeration Equipment

AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator (Fisher Biotec)

Automatic Voltage Regulator (MDR-500VA) – Protect your freezer and valuable/irreplaceable samples! An AC. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) will supply ‘clean’ and constant voltage power to your ULT freezer. Simply installing an AVR between the wall […]

Centrifuge – LMC-4200R: Laboratory, Refrigerated (BioSan)

The Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge provides temperature control of bio-material during centrifugation This bench-top laboratory refrigerated model LMC-4200R centrifuge is designed for operation with micro-test plates, Gel Cards and tubes from 2 to 50 ml. Effective […]

Chillers – Immersion Coil, Circulators, Refrigerated Circulation (Ratek)

Refrigerated Chiller Range Ratek offers a range of refrigerated chillers to assist in the cooling of liquids to sub-ambient temperatures, ideal for cooling condenser coils and reactor vessels, or to simply replace a traditional ice-bucket. […]

Dry Block Heater – CH-100: Heating/Cooling (BioSan)

The Heating/Cooling Dry Block is a combination heating dry block and cooling dry block thermostat The CH-100 Dry Block Heater is a very effective instrument for sample preparation during enzyme reactions, hybridization reactions and DNA […]

Dry Block Heater – Thermostat CH3-150: Combitherm-2 (BioSan)

The Combitherm-2 CH3-150 is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C The Combitherm-2 CH3-150 2 dry block heating cooling system is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C […]

Freezer – Ultra-low Temperature: Aalto Gold Controller (ESCO)

The Lexicon® II Ultra-low Temperature Freezer, with Aalto Gold Controller, is used in scientific research for long term storage of samples ULT freezers are extremely reliable and are often operated at -80° continuously for years. […]

Ice Maker – Ice-O-Matic®: Flake Ice, Laboratory (Fisher Biotec)

The Ice-O-Matic® Flake Ice Maker produces slow-melting quality ice Space-saving 529 mm wide under counter design Produces up to 67 kg of ice per day Patented scale-control technology allows for long trouble free usage Built-in […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Forced & Natural Convection, Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Incubators The Isotherm forced convection incubators are ideal for thermal convection applications such as bacteria culture and Coliform determination. Their many features include ergonomic design, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Refrigerated Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Refrigerated Incubators are widely used for applications such as BOD determination and environmental research With ergonomic design, microprocessor PID controls, 4-zone heated air jacket and precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package, Esco […]

Microcentrifuge – Axyspin®: Refrigerated (Axygen®)

Axyspin® refrigerated microcentrifuge is a high performance refrigerated microcentrifuge featuring faster sample processing and less down time Axyspin® is designed to quickly process samples for applications such as nucleic acid and protein preparation, purifications, extractions […]

Microcentrifuge – Prism™ C2500: Air-Cooled (Labnet)

Prism™ Air-Cooled, Ambient High-Speed Microcentrifuge – C2500 The Prism™ ambient microcentrifuge is designed to keep samples close to ambient temperature, even when operating at maximum speed. It can also be used in a cold room. […]

Microcentrifuge – Prism™ C2500R: Refrigerated (Labnet)

Prism™ R Refrigerated High-Speed Microcentrifuge – C2500R The Prism™ R is the refrigerated microcentrifuge model that incorporates a powerful cooling system that maintains temperatures as low as -10°C and can reach 4°C in less than […]