Electroporation & Electrofusion

Electrofusion Systems – ECM Series

The ECM® 2001 is a multi-purpose Electro Cell Manipulation generator capable of producing a proprietary AC waveform for benign dielectrophoretic alignment of cells, and a square DC waveform for cell fusion. Applications include Cell Fusion; […]

Electrofusion Systems – Hybrimune Fusion Series

The Hybrimune™ System is an advanced electrofusion system for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation or nuclear transfer applications. The Hybrimune™ system includes an innovative fusion chamber design, proprietary BTXpress Cytofusion® […]

Electroporation Cuvettes – Cuvetttes Plus

Cuvettes Plus™ are designed for use in electroporation and electrofusion of bacteria, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian cells. Each sterilized Cuvettes Plus package includes a disposable cuvette and a transfer pipette, which is used for […]

Electroporation Systems – Agile Pulse Series

For maximum efficiency DNA vaccination delivery, the AgilePulse™ In vivo System is well suited for applications requiring high doses and robust immune responses such as gene therapy and cancer vaccines. Includes a user friendly programmable […]

Electroporation Systems – ECM Series

The square wave pulse generator ECM® 830 is a Square Wave Pulse generator designed for in vitro and in vivo applications. The versatility of the ECM 830 applications for gene, drug and protein delivery include; […]

Electroporation Systems – Gemini Series

The multi-waveform Electroporation System Gemini X² system is designed for researchers who need ultimate experiment flexibility. Electroporation of suspension cells can be achieved in cuvettes and 96 well plates. Suitable for In Vitro Cuvette/96 well applications, […]

HT Electroporation Systems – AgilePulse and HT systems

The High Throughput (HT) Systems offer multi-well electroporation technology for processing multiple samples in seconds. Using the HT Multi-Well plates instead of traditional cuvettes, the researcher can transition from a single cuvette to either a […]

Magnet Assisted Transfection – MATra

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MATra) is an easy-to-handle and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture. Using this technique nucleic acids, such as plasmid DNA, oligonucleotides or siRNA, are in a first step associated with magnetic […]

Microinjection Systems – Microjet Series

The MicroJect 1000 MAX (MJ 1000) is an alternative method to deliver genes, proteins, macromolecules and micro-beads by direct injection into cells, tissues and oocytes simply and efficiently. This microinjection system provides a reliable, consistent […]

Reagents for Electrofusion – BTXpress Buffers

BTXpress Cytofusion® Medium C is an advanced electrofusion buffer designed for use with the BTX Hybrimune™ System for high performance cell fusion applications. The low conductivity buffer is specially-formulated to minimize cell turbulence during cell […]

Reagents for Electroporation – BTXpress Buffers

BTXpress® electroporation buffer is a high performance, single buffer solution, developed to quickly and efficiently deliver genes into mammalian cells. This solution, in combination with BTX electroporation instruments, provides researchers with the versatility and success […]

Speciality Electrodes

An extensive range of Speciality Electrodes are available including the following: Genetrodes™ for In Vivo, Ex Vivo & In Ovo Electroporation Genepaddles™ for In Vitro Embryo & In Vivo Gene Delivery Tweezertrodes™ for In Vivo […]