Cell & Tissue Culture

Automated Cell Selection – FABian (IBA Lifesciences)

Cell Selection from Whole Blood: FABian® – >90% Purity from Whole Blood The FABian Cell Selection Device is a fully automatic bench-top instrument for quantitatively selecting cells of interest in high yields with high efficiency […]

Bioreactors – Personal (BioSan)

The BioSan Personal Bioreactors feature Real-Time cell growth logging Individually controlled bioreactor accelerates optimization process 3D graphical representation of OD or growth rate over time over unit Connect up to 12 units simultaneously to 1 […]

Centrifuge Tubes – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Centrifuge Tubes are polypropylene, non-pyrogenic and are RNase-free and DNase-free. With large white marking spot, these flat topped tubes with bright green caps are available in bulk and Styrofoam racked options. Sterile and non-sterile options. […]

Cell Culture Coverglasses – Pre-cleaned (neuVitro)

CE certifed crystal clear Coverglasses pre-cleaned, are sterile and uncoated for cell culture and fluorescence microscopy. The pre-treated coverslips can be used directly for some cell types without coating or can be coated with your […]

Cell Culture Coverglasses – Pre-coated (neuVitro)

CE certified crystal clear Pre-coated Coverglasses are sterile and ready-to-use for cell culture and high quality confocal fluorescence microscopy. The range includes: PDL-coated coverslips (cell culture and confocal fluoresence microscopy) Collagen coated coverslips (cell culture […]

Cell Culture Coverglasses – Untreated Uncoated (neuVitro)

CE certifed crystal clear Coverglasses untreated and uncoated are for cell culture and high quality confocal fluorescence microscopy. The product range includes: Round glass coverslips for cell and neuron cultures Rectangular glass coverslips for cell and […]

CO2 Incubator with Cooling System – CelCulture (Esco)

CO² Incubator with Integrated Cooling System – CelCulture® (with IR sensor) The CelCultue CO² Incubator with Integrated Cooling System provides solutions for highly specialized applications. The integrated cooling system allows studies of samples that requires […]

CO2 Incubators – CelCulture (Esco)

CelCulture® CO² Incubators with ‘stainless steel exterior cabinets’ cater for the demands of CO² incubator users. Corrosion resistant surface Meets Pharmaceutical and Clinical Laboratory requirements Chamber is made of shiny stainless steel with all rounded […]

Cryogenic Vials – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Cryogenic Vials are polypropylene, sterile and are non-pyrogenic and RNase-free and DNase-free. Vials are self-standing and have internal and external thread options and graduation and large marking spot.  Available in a range of […]

Dishes – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Dishes are sterile, clear polystyrene with surface for cell attachment. Stackable and cover allows gas exchange. Available in a range of sizes and quantity.  

Dyes – Near-Infrared Fluorescent (Biotium)

Near-Infrared CF™ Dyes (near-IR, NIR) are ideal for in vivo fluorescence imaging, and highly sensitive multiplex Western blotting and In-Cell Western™ assays. NIR CF™ dye advantages include: Brightness Photostable Water soluble pH Insensitive Compatible with […]

Flasks – Cell Culture (Trueline)

Cell Culture Flasks are sterile, clear polystyrene with surface for cell attachment. Flasks are stackable with vent or non vent style cap. Flask shape minimizes slushing into neck and accessibility to entire growth surface area. […]