Cleaver Scientific

Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for the Cleaver Scientific product range

Cleaver Scientific is an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of electrophoresis equipment and related products for the life science market. Their products include Horizontal Gel Systems; Vertical Electrophoresis Systems; Blotting; Power Supplies; Gel Documentation and Fermentation Systems.

Electrophoresis Blotting Systems – electroBLOT, Semi-dry, Dot & Slot (Cleaver Scientific)

omniBLOT complete systems are available in Mini and Maxi size Mini system transfers up to 4 Mini gels Maxi system transfers up to 4 Maxi gels, 8 Mini Wide and 16 Mini gels Complete run-time […]

Electrophoresis Gel Tanks – Horizontal: MultiSUB (Cleaver Scientific)

multiSUB Horizontal Gel tanks Mini size tanks are designed for quick checks of low to medium number of samples Two tray options: 7×7 & 7x10cms Run up to 64 different samples Economical low gel and […]

Electrophoresis System (RealTime Gel)- runVIEW (Cleaver Scientific)

runVIEW is an innovative system which can be used to maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from runSAFE, EtBr and SYBR stained gels runVIEW consists of an multiSUB CHOICE gel chamber with special bluVIEW lid, […]

Electrophoresis Systems – Vertical: omniPAGE (Cleaver Scientific)

The omniPAGE range of Vertical Gel Units combine ease of use with high resolution separations Available in 4 sizes, Mini 10 x 10cm, Mini Wide 20 x 10cm, WAVE Maxi 20 x 20cm and Maxi […]

Power Supplies: Electrophoresis, PowerPro 300 (Cleaver Scientific)

The PowerPro are versatile multi-function power supplies suitable for a wide range of electrophoresis applications The PowerPro are available in 3 sizes, and combine excellent specification, performance, reliability with unparalleled value. PowerPro 3AMP Perfect for […]

Transilluminator – LED/Blue Light: safeVIEW (Cleaver Scientific)

The safeVIEW LED Blue Light Transilluminator offers a safe way to view and document samples The LED light source has the added advantage that it does not cause damage to DNA or RNA that would […]

UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinet (Cleaver Scientific)

The UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinet creates the ideal environment for preparing PCR and other samples by reducing sample contamination The UV/PCR Sterilisation cabinet is a low cost alternative to a clean room. The powerful UV lights […]