Cleaver Scientific

Fisher Biotec is a trusted supplier of Cleaver Scientific products, offering Australian researchers and laboratories access to Cleaver Scientific’s high-quality electrophoresis equipment and related laboratory apparatus. This collaboration empowers researchers to benefit from Cleaver Scientific’s expertise in gel electrophoresis, western blotting, and related techniques for their applications in molecular biology, genomics, and protein analysis. To place an order for Cleaver Scientific products, please call our friendly team on 1800 066 077 or submit an enquiry form online.

Electrophoresis (Gel) System Accessories – Vertical: Combs (Cleaver Scientific)

Cleaver Scientific offer the widest range of combs available of any gel tank manufacturer The combs fit virtually every application from preparatory electrophoresis to high-throughput screening. Reversible loading guides sit directly above each well to […]

Electrophoresis (Gel) Blotting Systems – electroBLOT: Semi-dry, Dot & Slot (Cleaver Scientific)

omniBLOT complete systems are available in Mini and Maxi size Mini system transfers up to 4 Mini gels Maxi system transfers up to 4 Maxi gels, 8 Mini Wide and 16 Mini gels Complete run-time […]

Electrophoresis (Gel) Systems – MultiSUB™: Horizontal (Cleaver Scientific)

multiSUB™ series of Horizontal Electrophoresis (Gel) units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis Five models of the multiSUB servies are available, MSMini, MSMidi, MSChoice, MSMaxi and MSScreen. Injection moulded […]

Electrophoresis (Gel) System (RealTime Gel)- runVIEW (Cleaver Scientific)

runVIEW is an innovative system which can be used to maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from runSAFE, EtBr and SYBR stained gels runVIEW consists of an multiSUB CHOICE gel chamber with special bluVIEW lid, […]

Electrophoresis (Gel) Systems – Vertical: omniPAGE (Cleaver Scientific)

The omniPAGE range of Vertical Gel Units combine ease of use with high resolution separations The omniPAGE vertical gel units are available in 3 tank sizes with a wide range of sample combs and pre-cast […]

Power Supplies: Electrophoresis, PowerPro 300 (Cleaver Scientific)

The PowerPro are versatile multi-function power supplies suitable for a wide range of electrophoresis applications The PowerPro series of power supplies are a versatile range designed to power both multiSUB horizontal and omniPAGE vertical electrophoresis […]

Protein Detection: Staining Solution – Ponceau S (Cleaver Scientific)

Ready-to-use Polceau S Staining Solution is reusable Polceau S Staining Solution (Catalog No. CSL-PSS) is ideal for membrane staining and early protein detection, following transfer before Western Blotting. Available in convenient 500 ml bottle. Please […]

Protein Detection: Western Blotting – LumiGO ECL Substrate (Cleaver Scientific)

The best entry level ECL substrate on the market The ECL substrate, LumiGO, has stable light output for low picogram detection level. The formulation provides a low background for a high signal to noise ratio. […]

Transilluminator – safeVIEW: LED/Blue Light (Cleaver Scientific)

The safeVIEW LED Blue Light Transilluminator offers a safe way to view and document samples The LED light source has the added advantage that it does not cause damage to DNA or RNA that would […]

UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets – Cleanview (Cleaver Scientific)

Cleanview UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment The cabinets incorporate safety features to prevent user-exposure to UV light. The UV lights are timer […]