Imaging & Gel Documentation Systems

Gel imaging systems are an important tool for many scientific applications, including DNA and RNA detection, protein expression, nucleic acid gel electrophoresis and more. Fisher Biotec is a leading supplier of Imaging and gel documentation systems of various configurations to suit different sample types. Our range includes chemiluminescence gel documentation systems, transilluminators, protein gels, UV accessories and more.

Whether you’re looking for a basic system or something more specialised, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Fisher Biotec works with brands of only the highest quality including Vilber, Axygen, Maestogen and more. Browse our website or contact us today to learn more about our product range.

Fusion Absolute (Vilber)

Introducing the Fusion Absolute, a groundbreaking image documentation system designed to redefine your research experience. This high-end system is meticulously crafted to exceed expectations, enabling absolute quantification through deep analysis capabilities. Whether you’re delving into […]

Mini imager BG/White MI-02 (Maestrogen)

All-in-one system, small imager embedded with white light panel and blue green light source (505nm); with digital camera and WiFi data transfer and 7 inches LCD display (non touch), software operation (windows).

Newton 7 NIR-II FT-900 (Vilber)

The Newton 7 NIR-II FT-900 stands out as a groundbreaking CCD imager, uniquely designed for fluorescence and bioluminescence multispectral imaging, particularly for in vivo applications across different light spectrums (VIS/NIR/NIR-II). With its advanced technology, it […]

Chemiluminescence – FUSION Solo-X and Solo-S Series (Vilber)

The **NEW** FUSION Solo-X Systems include the Solo.6X BASIC and the Solo.6X PRO NOTE:  **New product flyers to be released soon** The Fusion Solo.6X BASIC is exclusively dedicated to Chemi applications. Features include: EVO-6 CCD […]

Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence – FUSION FX 7.0 & 6.0 & SPECTRA CAPSULES (Vilber)

‘One-Click-to-the-Image™’ The FUSION FX 7.0 EDGE and FUSION FX 6.0 EDGE are the first multi-modal imaging platforms designed for molecular biology laboratories The Fusion FX range cover chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, multiplexing fluorescence and chemifluorescence applications. FUSION […]

Gel Documentation System – BIO-PRINT CX4 Edge (Vilber)

The BIO-PRINT CX4 Edge combines technology with simplicity – advanced technologies inside and outstanding ease of use outside The Bio-Print is the ideal system for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging. The compact design, with […]

Gel Documentation System – DOC-PRINT CX3 (Vilber)

The DOC-PRINT CX3 is a stand-alone imaging system dedicated to basic gel documentation The Doc-Print is a cost effective system with a small footprint, and is a stand-alone system (no computer required). The system has […]

Gel Documentation System – E-BOX CX5 Edge (Vilber)

‘Gel Imaging at a Fingertip!’ E-BOX CX5 Edge is a Stand-alone Imaging System for Gel Documentation offering high sensitivity and speed The E-BOX CX5 Edge offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest […]

Gel Documentation System – GD-1000 (Axygen®)

Gel Documentation System – High Resolution (GD-1000) With the GD-1000 you can acquire high resolution publication-quality images of DNA and protein gels in less than 30 seconds! An ideal system for labs that want good […]

Gel Documentation System – GDBL-1000 (Axygen®)

Gel Documentation System – High Resolution (GDBL-1000) with built-in tablet With the GDBL-1000 you can acquire high resolution publication-quality images of DNA and protein gels in less than 30 seconds! An ideal system for labs […]

Gel Documentation System – INFINITY CX5 Edge (Vilber)

The INFINITY CX5 – New Edge Generation – Upgradeable to Western Blot Imaging The INFINITY CX5 Edge system can grow according to your laboratory needs, from fluorescence to chemiluminescence Western blot applications. The INFINITY has […]

Gel Documentation System UV/LED – Mini-imager™ (Maestrogen)

Mini-imager™ Gel Documentation System – UV/LED Small compact imager with dual lights of blue LED source and UV bulb illuminators Simple to use with compact dimension Digital camera, 100% dark room for photography USB interface […]