Imaging & Gel Documentation Systems

Transilluminators and Illuminators – LED, UV (Maestrogen)

UltraBright LED Transilluminator Light source: choice of Blue LED; Blue, Green, Red LED; and Red NIR LED High sensitivity, accuracy and flexibility Viewing size: (mm) 160(D)x200(W) UltraBright UV Transilluminator Viewing size (mm): 210(D)x260(W) UltraSafe UV […]

UV Accessories (Vilber)

UV Accessories – Face Shields, Goggles, Conversion Screens and Lamp Stands A range of UV Accessories are available including face shields and goggles which offer users protection against UV radiation. Other accessories include conversion screens […]

UV Darkrooms (Vilber)

UV Darkrooms The Vilber UV Darkroom provide a large effective capacity and a high detection sensitivity. They can offer any combination of UV sources, simultaneously or not. Large Capacity – Ideal for small or large […]

UV Lamps (Vilber)

UV, Germicidal and Black Light Lamps Our large choice of filter and unfiltered lamps range from 6 to 3×40 w-watt. Our filtered lamps are ideal for the fluorescence detection. The BL-Black-Light lamps provides a large […]

UV Radiometers (Vilber)

Vilber UV Radiometers are designed for an accurate and direct measurement of UV Radiation The UV Radiometers measure UV light intensity for a specific wavelength (254, 312 or 365nm).  There is no UV light converted […]

UV Tables (Vilber)

UV, White Light and Multiband Tables Vilber provides first-class UV transilluminators for documentation and preparation in different dimensions and configurations. Our innovative Super-Bright filter stops all the visible light emitted by the tubes. As the […]

UV Tubes (Vilber)

UV and White Light Tubes Vilber original UV tubes emit highly concentrated UV radiation. They use a special ultraviolet ray glasses which efficiently transmit the ultraviolet rays. High UV Radiation – Special lamp glass filters […]