Fisher Biotec is the sole distributor of Vilber products in Australia

Vilber are the European molecular imaging specialists. They develop and manufacture imaging and analysing systems for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence applications used for research, and more broadly in DNA and protein research laboratories.   The product range includes the E-Box; Quantum; Infinity; Bio-Print; Doc-Print; Fusion FX Specta; Fusion FX; Fusion Solo S; Newton 7.0; and Biosthesia systems. All Vilber systems are manufactured in Europe and come with a two year warranty.


Chemiluminescence – FUSION Solo S (Vilber)

The FUSION Solo S Systems are the ideal systems for laboratories that need to find an alternative to their film for Western blot imaging Upgrade your system as you want from UV fluorescence to IR/NIR […]

Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence – FUSION FX 7.0 & 6.0 & SPECTRA CAPSULES (Vilber)

The FUSION FX 7.0 EDGE and FUSION FX 6.0 EDGE are the first multi-modal imaging platforms designed for molecular biology laboratories The Fusion FX range cover chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, multiplexing fluorescence and chemifluorescence applications. FUSION FX […]

Gel Documentation System – BIO-PRINT TX4 (Vilber)

The BIO-PRINT TX4 combines technology with simplicity – advanced technologies inside and outstanding ease of use outside The Bio-Print is the ideal system for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging. The compact design, with its […]

Gel Documentation System – E-BOX CX5.TS (Vilber)

E-BOX CX5.TS Stand-alone Imaging System for Gel Documentation High Sensitivity and Speed The E-BOX CX5.TX offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest limits of detection for your DNA, RNA and protein applications. […]

Gel Documentation System – INFINITY CX5 (Vilber)

The INFINITY CX5 – New Edge Generation – Upgradeable to Western Blot Imaging The INFINITY system can grow according to your laboratory needs, from fluorescence to chemiluminescence Western blot applications. The INFINITY has a scientific […]

Gel Documentation System – QUANTUM ST5 (Vilber)

QUANTUM ST5 Gel Documentation System is the laboratory standard for DNA and Protein Gel Imaging The QUANTUM ST5 system is based on an advanced set of performance ideal to achieve high fidelity and quantitative scientific […]

In Vivo/Fluorescence: Small Animal Imaging – NEWTON 7.0 (Vilber)

The NEWTON 7.0 In Vivo imaging system with its brand new technology dedicated to small animal imaging, combines high sensitivity and user-friendly time-saving operation With an intuitive user interface, auto-exposure and illumination control, and ‘one […]

UV Accessories (Vilber)

UV Accessories – Face Shields, Goggles, Conversion Screens and Lamp Stands A range of UV Accessories are available including face shields and goggles which offer users protection against UV radiation. Other accessories include conversion screens […]

UV Irradiation System – BIO-LINK BLX Crosslinker (Vilber)

The Bio-Link BLX Crosslinker is an UV irradiation system dedicated to the linking of nucleic acid to membranes and elimination of PCR contamination Its innovative design includes a programmable microprocessor, precise irradiation in either energy […]

UV Darkrooms (Vilber)

UV Darkrooms The Vilber UV Darkroom provide a large effective capacity and a high detection sensitivity. They can offer any combination of UV sources, simultaneously or not. Large Capacity – Ideal for small or large […]

UV Lamps (Vilber)

UV, Germicidal and Black Light Lamps Our large choice of filter and unfiltered lamps range from 6 to 3×40 w-watt. Our filtered lamps are ideal for the fluorescence detection. The BL-Black-Light lamps provides a large […]

UV Radiometers (Vilber)

Vilber UV Radiometers are designed for an accurate and direct measurement of UV Radiation The UV Radiometers measure UV light intensity for a specific wavelength (254, 312 or 365nm).  There is no UV light converted […]