MRC Holland

Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for the MRC-Holland MLPA product range

MRC-Holland is a biotechnology company based in Europe who manufacture a vast range of MLPA® Reagents, Stabilisers and Enzymes and Reagent Kits. MRC-Holland is the inventor and manufacturer of MLPA, offering over 400 different MLPA panels. Its main focus is directed to the production of new MLPA-based products and the development of novel MLPA-based techniques.


MLPA® – Reagents, Stabilisers and Enzymes (MRC Holland)

MRC Holland manufacture a full range of MLPA® Reagents, Stabilisers and Enzymes SALSA® Sample Stabilising Solution  SALSA MLPA Reagent Kits – Contain all MLPA Reagents (Probemix not included) SALSA PCR Reagents SALSA MLPA Reference Kits […]

MLPA® – SALSA® Test Kits (MRC-Holland)

MRC-Holland offers an ever-growing range of MLPA® Probemixes MLPA® (Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification) is a multiplex PCR method detecting abnormal copy numbers of up to 50 different genomic DNA or RNA sequences, which is able […]