Biosearch Technologies

Fisher Biotec is a valued supplier of Biosearch Technologies’ products, facilitating access to Biosearch Technologies’ advanced nucleic acid synthesis and modification tools, including custom oligonucleotides and fluorophores. This collaboration empowers researchers and laboratories to harness Biosearch Technologies’ expertise in genomics and molecular diagnostics for their diverse applications in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology. To place an order for Biosearch Technologies products, please contact our team by calling 1800 066 077 or by submitting an online enquiry form.

Enzymes – RapiDxFire™ Thermostable RT (Biosearch Technologies)

RapiDxFire™ Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase is a unique, proprietary enzyme – fast and specific, even at room temperature RapiDxFire™ Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase (RT) has been designed specifically to meet the needs of diagnostic kit developers. RapiDxFire™ […]

Magnetic Beads – (SAB) sBeadex™ **NEW** (Biosearch Technologies)

sbeadex™ sequencing application beads for more affordable clean-up and size selection during NGS library preparation sbeadex™ sequencing applications beads (SAB) presents the new generation of size selection and clean-up beads. These beads play an important […]

Magnetic Beads – Purification Kits: sbeadex™ (Biosearch Technologies)

sbeadex™ – Next generation beads for DNA purification from blood sbeadex™ blood is a magnetic based DNA purification technology for blood samples of up to 200 µl volume. These proprietary superparamagnetic beads are double coated […]

Non-Magnetic Beads – NxSeq Single-cell RNA-seq (Biosearch Technologies)

NxSeq Single-cell RNA-seq Beads are non-magnetic beads that are coated with oligos ending in a 3’ poly-dT capture sequence The key feature of these NxSeq beads is a unique barcode on each bead where every […]

Probes & Custom Oligonucleotides – Real-time qPCR (Biosearch Technologies)

Custom Oligonucleotides (Black Hole Quencher dyes, Fluorophores, Nucleotides, and more) are used for molecular diagnostics and research and include Black Hole Quencher Probes and Assays Black Hole Quencher (BHQ®)-labeled probes are ideal for qualitative and […]

Probes Master Mix, BHQ – Real-Time qPCR & SNP Genotyping (Biosearch Technologies)

BHQ® Probes Master Mix is a versatile 2X PCR master mix specially designed to deliver optimal SNP genotyping results for high-throughput, ultra low volume, endpoint probe-based SNP genotyping BHQ Probe Master Mix frees you to […]

RNA FISH Technology – Stellaris™ (Biosearch Technologies)

RNA FISH Stellaris™ RNA FISH* technology is an easy-to-us method to achieve results through compelling images of RNA expression Stellaris™ FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) is an RNA visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localization, […]