Heating & Drying Equipment

Balances – MS/MX/MF/ML Series: Moisture Analysers (A&D Weighing)

The Moisture Analysers range of balances have a uniquely designed SRA filter technology The MS-70/MX-50/MF-50 and ML-50 series have many advanced and practical features including: Secondary Radiation Assist (SRA) filter to give shorter measurement time […]

Circulators – THx000 Series: Immersion, Digital (Ratek)

The THx000 Series of Digital Immersion Circulators offer precision temperature control and stability Precision Immersion Heater Circulator Precision Digital PID control Large dual line digital display High-flow dual-outlet pump Low water level alarm and cut-out […]

Dry Bath – AccuBlock™: Mini-Compact (Labnet)

AccuBlock™ Mini-Compact Dry Bath combines the best in digital control and convenience in an ultra compact footprint The AccuBlock™ Mini Compact Dry Bath combines digital control, a fast heating microtube block and a convenient AccuRack™ […]

Dry Baths – AccuBlock™: Digital (Labnet)

AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Baths are available in single, dual and four block capacity The Labnet Digital Dry bath incubators are available in single, dual, and four block configurations and provide a broad temperature range up […]

Dry Block Heater – CH-100: Heating/Cooling (BioSan)

The Heating/Cooling Dry Block is a combination heating dry block and cooling dry block thermostat The CH-100 Dry Block Heater is a very effective instrument for sample preparation during enzyme reactions, hybridization reactions and DNA […]

Dry Block Heater – Thermostat CH3-150: Combitherm-2 (BioSan)

The Combitherm-2 CH3-150 is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C The Combitherm-2 CH3-150 2 dry block heating cooling system is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from –3°C to +150°C […]

Dry Block Heaters – DBHx000D Series: Digital (Ratek)

The DBHx000D Series Digital Dry Block Heater range feature excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility from across the lab All models feature precision digital PID control with bright […]

Dry Block Heaters – Digital Bio TDB-100, TDB-120: Thermostated (BioSan)

Dry Block Heaters (Thermostats) Bio TDB-100 and TDB-120 are compact and easy-to-use specially designed for long incubation at different temperatures With the help of the software-enabled temperature calibration function, the user can calibrate the unit […]

Hotplate Stirrer – AccuPlate™: Analog (Labnet)

AccuPlate™ Analog Hotplate Stirrer with it’s low profile design, is extremely safe and reliable The AccuPlate analog hot plate stirrers feature a 7” x 7” ceramic coated top plate with a maximum hot temperature surface […]

Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate Stirrers – AccuPlate™: Digital (Labnet)

AccuPlate™ Digital Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate Stirrers are versatile, powerful and easy to use With three models to choose from, there is an AccuPlate™ hot plate and stirrer to meet your lab’s needs. Each AccuPlate™ […]

Incubator, CO² – S-Bt Smart Biotherm (BioSan)

The compact S-Bt  Smart Biotherm CO² Incubator provides excellent uniform temperature distribution with six-sided heating S-Bt Smart Biotherm CO² Incubator is designed for work in the areas of cell biology (operations with animal cell cultures […]

Incubator (Mini) – Microbiology & Hematology (Labnet)

The Mini Microbiology & Hematology Incubator is a compact, economically priced mini incubator The compact Mini Incubator is designed for personal use and within small laboratories. The unit features a broad temperature range to meet […]