Heating & Drying Equipment

Shaker-Incubator, XLarge – OM25: Digital, Orbital (Ratek)

The XLarge heavy duty Shaker Incubator OM25 features an adjustable counter-weight system which gives stable mixing with even the heaviest loads The OM25 Shaking Incubator has fan assisted heating coupled with the custom digital PID […]

Shaker-Incubators – ES-20/60: Orbital (BioSan)

ES-20/60 Orbital Shaker-Incubator provides reliable and stable operation for long term experiments The Orbital Shaker-Incubator is designed for use in biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories.  This unit is equipped with direct-drive mechanism for platform motion which […]

Shaker-Incubators – ES-20/80: Orbital (BioSan)

ES-20/80 Orbital Shaker-Incubator provides extreme balancing characteristics The Orbital Shaker-Incubator is designed for use in biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories.  This unit is equipped with a newly developed triple eccentric mechanism for platform motion that provides […]

Shaking-Incubator – AccuTherm™: for Microtubes (Labnet)

The AccuTherm™ Microtube Shaking Incubator has a convenient compact footprint The AccuTherm™ Microtube Shaking Incubator is a temperature-controlled vortexer using peltier technology to rapidly heat and cool your important samples. The combination of heating/cooling with […]

Shaking-Incubator – 211DS: Compact (Labnet)

The 211DS Shaking Incubator has a compact, stackable design with expanded temperature range The 211DS Digital Shaking Incubator, 4 x 1L capacity, has a small footprint, compact and stackable design, and expanded temperature range. The […]

Shaking-Incubators – VorTemp 56™ & VorTemp 1550™: Benchtop (Labnet)

The VorTemp 56™ Shaking Incubator is useful for a variety of applications, including bacterial cultures in tubes and microplates Designed for simultaneous heating and mixing of small samples, the VorTemp™ 56 microplate shaking incubator features […]

Thermo-Shaker – TS-DW: for Deep Well Plates (Biosan)

The TS-DW Thermo-Shaker is designed for shaking and incubating deep well plates The design of the TS-DW Thermo-Shaker allows operating it as three independent devices: Incubator, Plate Shaker and Thermo-Shaker. Patented two-sided heating of block […]

Thermo-Shakers – PST Series: Multi-function, with 96-well microplates (Biosan)

Thermo-Shakers PST-60HL, PST-60HL-4 and PST-100HL are designed for shaking and thermostating 1-4 standard 96-well microplates The PST series of Thermo-Shakers can be operated as three independent devices – incubator, microplate shaker and thermo-shaker and can […]

Warming Trays – WT 1 & WT 2500: Digital (Ratek)

The Warming Tray (WT 1) is perfect for heating microscope slides, beakers and flat-bottomed flasks Provides uniform temperatures across the surface Black anodized aluminium surface is resistant to most spills Large 450 x 200mm warming […]

Water Bath – Mini 6L: Analog (Labnet)

The mini general purpose Water Bath has a 6 Liter capacity The Mini Water Bath with 6 L capacity can accommodate test tube racks or up to three 250 mL flasks. A powerful 500W heater […]

Water Bath – WB-4MS: Thermostated (BioSan)

Stirred Water Bath  is designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological laboratory research Easy set up and compact size Temperature setting range: +25°C to +100°C Increased temperature stabilization due to built-in magnetic stirrer Digital setting […]

Water Bath – SWB10D240 8L: Shaking Digital (Ratek)

The Digital Shaking Heated Waterbath SWB10D240 is the perfect machine when working with small numbers of tubes or smaller flasks The SWB10D240 Waterbath is a smaller capacity, low temperature precision heated shaking waterbath. The bath […]