Fisher Biotec is an Australian distributor for the Ratek product range of laboratory products

Ratek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality laboratory equipment for use in a wide range of industries and different sciences. The extensive product range includes Immersion Coil Chillers; Immersion Circulators; Dry Block Heaters; Incubators; Incubator Ovens; Rotary Mixers; Vortex Mixers and Magnetic Stirrers; Warming Trays; Water Baths and Tanks; and Work Mats.


Chillers – Immersion Coil, Circulators, Refrigerated Circulation (Ratek)

Refrigerated Chiller Range Ratek offers a range of refrigerated chillers to assist in the cooling of liquids to sub-ambient temperatures, ideal for cooling condenser coils and reactor vessels, or to simply replace a traditional ice-bucket. […]

Circulators – THx000 Series: Immersion, Digital (Ratek)

The THx000 Series of Digital Immersion Circulators offer precision temperature control and stability Precision Immersion Heater Circulator Precision Digital PID control Large dual line digital display High-flow dual-outlet pump Low water level alarm and cut-out […]

Cooler – RC1: Immersion Dip-cool (Ratek)

The RC1 Dip-cool Immersion Cooler can be moved from bath to bath to delivery on-demand cooling The RC1 immersion cooler can be dropped in and secured to any waterbath or container to provide a cooling […]

Cooler – RC4: Recirculating with Tank (Ratek)

The RC4 Recirculating Cooler with Tank is ideal for applications requiring external re-circulation of cold water The RC4 delivers a pressurised refrigerated water system through either an open or closed loop system. It is ideal […]

Dry Block Heaters – DBHx000D Series: Digital (Ratek)

The DBHx000D Series Digital Dry Block Heater range feature excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility from across the lab All models feature precision digital PID control with bright […]

Incubator Ovens – HO35: Hybridisation (Ratek)

The HO35 Hybridisation Incubator Oven is four machines in one! The Hybridisation Incubator Oven is an extremely versatile compact incubator/oven that can be transformed from a hybridisation oven, to rocking incubator, to shaking incubator, to […]

Magnetic Stirrer – MS8: Compact (Ratek)

The Compact Magnetic Stirrer MS8 is a compact, reliable and powerful magnetic stirrer ideal for a wide range of applications The MS8 compact Magnetic Stirrer features a powerful Swiss made motor and is capable of […]

Magnetic Stirrer – MS10: Large (Ratek)

The Large Magnetic Stirrer MS10 is designed to accommodate flasks and bottles up to 5 litres The MS10 Large Magnetic Stirrer  is perfect for those larger applications requiring powerful stirring including mixing of viscous liquids. […]

Rotary Mixer – RM4: Digital (Ratek)

The all-round Rotary Mixer RM4 is perfect for mixing larger laboratory bottles and flasks The RM4 digital rotary mixer can accommodate up to 4 x Ratek UMC1/2/3/4 clamps, allowing test tubes, vials, lab bottles, wine […]

Rotary Mixer – RSM7DC: Suspension (Ratek)

The Rotary Suspension Mixer (RSM7DC) can be used to achieve a wide range of mixing actions, all in the one machine With a wide range of accessories available, as well as a tilt-adjustable drive, the […]

Rotary/Roller Mixer – RM5: Heavy Duty (Ratek)

The Heavy Duty Rotary/Roller Mixer RM5 is capable of turning large drums, barrels or a carrier carousel The Rotary/Roller Mixer RM5 is ideal for mixing large quantities of laboratory flasks, paint cans, bottles, soil samples […]

Rotators – BTR5 & BTR10: Tube Roller Mixers (Ratek)

Tube Roller Mixers (BTR5-12V & BTR10-12V) are perfectly suited to mixing blood samples and liquid-solid suspensions The BTR5-12V features 5 sturdy aluminium rollers which can take 1 kg of load per pair of rollers at […]