Fisher Biotec is an Australian distributor for the Ratek product range of laboratory products

Ratek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality laboratory equipment for use in a wide range of industries and different sciences. The extensive product range includes Immersion Coil Chillers; Immersion Circulators; Dry Block Heaters; Incubators; Incubator Ovens; Rotary Mixers; Vortex Mixers and Magnetic Stirrers; Warming Trays; Water Baths and Tanks; and Work Mats.


Chillers – Immersion Coil, Circulators, Refrigerated Circulation (Ratek)

Refrigerated Chiller Range Ratek offers a range of refrigerated chillers to assist in the cooling of liquids to sub-ambient temperatures, ideal for cooling condenser coils and reactor vessels, or to simply replace a traditional ice-bucket. […]

Circulators – Immersion (Ratek)

The THx000 Series of Digital Immersion Circulators offer precision temperature control and stability Precision Immersion Heater Circulator Precision Digital PID control Large dual line digital display High-flow dual-outlet pump Low water level alarm and cut-out […]

Cooler – Recirculating, with tank RC4 (Ratek)

The RC4 Recirculating Cooler with Tank is ideal for applications requiring external re-circulation of cold water The RC4 delivers a pressurised refrigerated water system through either an open or closed loop system. It is ideal […]

Dry Block Heaters – Digital DBHx000D Series (Ratek)

The DBHx000D Series Digital Dry Block Heater range feature excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility from across the lab All models feature precision digital PID control with bright […]

Incubators – Digital, Shaking: OM11, OM15/C, OM25 (Ratek)

Benchtop Shaking Incubator (OM11) delivers great results and offers excellent visibility of your samples Fully transparent cabinet Repeatable digital speed control 3 user definable program presets 400 x 400mm platform. Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker (OM15/C) […]

Incubator Ovens – Hybridisation: HO35 (Ratek)

The HO35 Hybridisation Incubator Oven is four machines in one! The Hybridisation Incubator Oven is an extremely versatile compact incubator/oven that can be transformed from a hybridisation oven, to rocking incubator, to shaking incubator, to […]

Rotator – Tube, Bottle and Drum Rollers (Ratek)

Tube Roller Mixers (BTR5-12V & BTR10-12V) are perfectly suited to mixing blood samples and liquid-solid suspensions Available in 5 roller and 10 roller tube sizes Mixes up to 24 x 5ml blood tubes (5 roller) […]

Shakers – Orbital, Digital & Analogue – EOM5, OM1, OM6, OM7, OM8 (Ratek)

The Orbital Shaker range includes all sizes, from compact to x-large, in analogue or digital operating systems The range of Ratek Orbital Mixers/Shakers ranges from the convenient, compact bench top model, Orbital Shaker OM1, the […]

Work Mats – Adhesive (Ratek)

Adhesive Work Mats – ‘Keep containers where they belong – on the bench’ Ideal for laboratory benches, glassware trolleys and sample preparation areas Available in 2 sizes to suit most applications Completely washable Mats are […]

Vortex Mixers & Magnetic Stirrers (Ratek)

The VM1 Personal Vortex Mixer is very reliable and can handle the day-to-day tough life in the lab! Push-to-mix or permanent mixing Suits 1.5mL to 50mL + tubes/bottles 200-2700 RPM speed adjustable The MTV1 High-Capacity […]

Warming Trays – Digital: WT 1 & WT 2500 (Ratek)

The Warming Tray (WT 1) is perfect for heating microscope slides, beakers and flat-bottomed flasks Provides uniform temperatures across the surface Black anodized aluminium surface is resistant to most spills Large 450 x 200mm warming […]

Waterbaths, Digital – Heated: WBx000D Series (Ratek)

The WBx000D Series of  Digital Heated Waterbaths feature an energy efficient design with double insulation to retain heat, using less power The WBx000D baths can be utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, […]