Fisher Biotec proudly serves as an Australian distributor for the Ratek product range, synonymous with excellence in laboratory equipment. Ratek emerges as a leading manufacturer and supplier, distinguished for delivering top-tier laboratory solutions applicable across a diverse spectrum of industries and scientific disciplines. The extensive Ratek product line spans various categories including heating and drying equipment, cooling equipment, mixers and shakers.

Renowned for their commitment to quality and precision, Ratek’s innovative laboratory products cater to the evolving needs of researchers and professionals, setting a benchmark for reliability and efficiency in laboratory applications.

For more information on Ratek and its comprehensive product offerings, please feel free to contact Fisher Biotec by calling 1800 066 077 or by submitting an online enquiry.


Rotary Mixers – RM4: Digital (Ratek)

The all-round Rotary Mixer RM4 is perfect for mixing larger laboratory bottles and flasks The RM4 digital rotary mixer can accommodate up to 4 x Ratek UMC1/2/3/4 clamps, allowing test tubes, vials, lab bottles, wine […]

Rotary Mixer – RSM7DC: Suspension (Ratek)

The Rotary Suspension Mixer (RSM7DC) can be used to achieve a wide range of mixing actions, all in the one machine With a wide range of accessories available, as well as a tilt-adjustable drive, the […]

Shaker – RM2: Reciprocating, Digital (Ratek)

The RM2 Reciprocating Shaker is ideal for gentle washing action in plates, bags and flat-bottomed containers The RM2 Reciprocating Digital Shaker is equally suited to vigorous end-to-end shaking at higher speeds. The RM2 is perfectly […]

Shakers – EOM5, OM1, OM6, OM7, OM8: Orbital, Digital & Analogue (Ratek)

The Orbital Shaker range includes all sizes, from compact to x-large, in analogue or digital operating systems The range of Ratek Orbital Mixers/Shakers ranges from the convenient, compact bench top model, Orbital Shaker OM1, the […]

Shaker-Incubator, Medium – OM11: Digital, Orbital (Ratek)

The Medium Benchtop Shaking Incubator OM11 delivers great results and offers excellent visibility of your samples The OM11 Shaking Incubator has digital PID temperature control coupled with fan-forced circulation providing rapid heat-up and excellent spacial […]

Shaker-Incubator, XLarge – OM25: Digital, Orbital (Ratek)

The XLarge heavy duty Shaker Incubator OM25 features an adjustable counter-weight system which gives stable mixing with even the heaviest loads The OM25 Shaking Incubator has fan assisted heating coupled with the custom digital PID […]

Vortexer – MPS1: Microplates (Ratek)

The MPS1 Microplate Vortexer is designed to hold up to 4 x 96 well Microtiter plates The MPS1 Microplate Vortexer has a variable speed control that gives this plate shaker the versatility to be used […]

Vortex Mixer – VM1: Personal (Ratek)

The VM1 Personal Vortex Mixer is very reliable and can handle the day-to-day tough life in the lab! The VM1 is a durable and easy to use single tube Vortex mixer suitable for most types […]

Vortex Mixer – MTV1: Multi-Tube (Ratek)

The MTV1 High-Capacity Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer can vortex virtually any container The MTV1 features a unique clamping system which secures virtually any container from both top and bottom. Designed to accommodate large bottles, sealed containers […]

Warming Trays – WT 1 & WT 2500: Digital (Ratek)

The Warming Tray (WT 1) is perfect for heating microscope slides, beakers and flat-bottomed flasks Provides uniform temperatures across the surface Black anodized aluminium surface is resistant to most spills Large 450 x 200mm warming […]

Water Bath – SWB10D240 10L: Shaking Digital (Ratek)

The Digital Shaking Heated Waterbath SWB10D240 is the perfect machine when working with small numbers of tubes or smaller flasks The SWB10D240 10L Waterbath is a smaller capacity, low temperature precision heated shaking waterbath. The […]

Water Bath – SWB20D 20L: Shaking Digital (Ratek)

The Digital Shaking Heated Waterbath SWB20D provides a large shaking platform to agitate samples whilst precision controlled temperature is applied The SWB20D Waterbath’s  digital PID control ensures accurate and stable temperature control from ambient +5° […]