Fisher Biotec proudly serves as an Australian distributor for the Ratek product range, synonymous with excellence in laboratory equipment. Ratek emerges as a leading manufacturer and supplier, distinguished for delivering top-tier laboratory solutions applicable across a diverse spectrum of industries and scientific disciplines. The extensive Ratek product line spans various categories including heating and drying equipment, cooling equipment, mixers and shakers.

Renowned for their commitment to quality and precision, Ratek’s innovative laboratory products cater to the evolving needs of researchers and professionals, setting a benchmark for reliability and efficiency in laboratory applications.

For more information on Ratek and its comprehensive product offerings, please feel free to contact Fisher Biotec by calling 1800 066 077 or by submitting an online enquiry.


Water Baths, Digital – WBx000D Series: Heated (Ratek)

The WBx000D Series of  Digital Heated Waterbaths feature an energy efficient design with double insulation to retain heat, using less power The WBx000D baths can be utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, […]

Water Baths, Unheated – ITx000 Series: Insulated (Ratek)

The ITx000 Series of  Insulated Waterbaths are designed to deliver optimum performance for immersion heater circulators The ITx000 insulated, unheated waterbaths feature insulated construction to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum, reducing the […]