High Performance Protein Expression, Purification & Analysis Product catalog

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! **NEW** High Performance Protein Expression, Purification & Analysis Product catalog To assist with your research, and minimise your time finding the products you need, check out our new catalog of Protein Research […]

New Protein Research Tools

GREAT SAVINGS ON PROTEIN PRODUCTS FROM ABCAM Lightning-Link® – Antibody, Protein & Peptide Conjugation kits Quickly conjugate the included label to your antibody, protein or peptide in as little as 20 minutes. Protein Ladders – […]

2.0 mL Dolphin Microcentrifuge Tubes – $32 per pack

2.0 mL Dolphin Microcentrifuge Tubes: **NOW REDUCED TO $32.00 (ex-GST) PER PACK Sorenson Dolphin Microcentrifuge Tubes, made in the USA have been further reduced and only available while stocks last. They are ideal design for […]

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) – $550

AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR (AVR) — $770.00 **NOW REDUCED TO $550.00 (LIMITED STOCK) Give your -80°C ULT Freezer an upgrade for the New Year! Protect your freezer and valuable / irreplaceable samples and reap the ongoing […]

Foetal Bovine Serum – REDUCED to $550 (500ml) bottle

SERANA FOETAL BOVINE SERUM — $590.00 **NOW REDUCED TO $550.00 per 500ml bottle SERANA Serum is of Australian origin and manufacture. Expire date of serum is May 2024. Certificate of Analysis is available. Order today, […]

Bespoke customer specific Custom Manufacturing Service

Did you know, Fisher Biotec can deliver custom products specifically designed to support your needs, including: General laboratory solutions and buffers Electrophoresis buffers dNTPs to your specifications Taq packed to your requirements All products manufactured […]

COVID-19 Virus Detection: HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kits

“Rapid & reliable magnetic bead based isolation of viral nucleic acids” HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kits from Magbio Genomics provide: Optimised for isolation of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Rapid and reliable purification of viral nucleic acids Adaptable to […]

HUGE SAVINGS on Electrophoresis & Blotting Systems, & Electrophoresis Power Supplies

SAVE NOW on Cleaver Horizontal MultiSUB™ Mini and Midi Duo Systems – from $360 (ex-GST) and the Vertical omniPAGE™ Mini Blot System – $1,230 (ex-GST). MultiSUB systems include accessories e.g. thick combs, casting dams and […]

GREAT VALUE on Multi-Source DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

Save on our entire range of Multi-Source DNA/RNA Extraction Kits. (Offer now extended until 31 January 2022) Plasmid extraction kits DNA fragment extraction kits Genomic DNA from blood, tissue or plant DNA isolation from stool […]

**NEW** Axygen® ‘Axypet® Pro Pipettors & MultiRack Pipet Tip System

“A complete Pipetting Solution” Axygen® have recently released their new range of Pro Pipettors, and the MultiRack Pipet Tip System Pro Pipettors are available in single, 8-channel and 12-channel configurations. The lightweight construction along with […]

Dry Baths (Digital): AccuBlock™ (Labnet)

The AccuBlock™ Dry Baths are available in single, dual and four block capacity The AccuBlock Dry Baths provide digital control and feature dual display for easy monitoring of temperature and time with fast heating up […]

Power Supplies (Axygen®)

Power Supplies PS250HA-230V and PS300GP-230V are ideal for molecular biology workflows including DNA, RNA and protein gel electrophoresis applications Two models are available, both have times are are stackable. PS250HA has the ability to set […]