A&D Weighing

Fisher Biotec is an Australian distributor for the A & D Weighing product range of scientific / laboratory balances

A & D Weighing is a leading Scales manufacturer and supplier for digital weighing scales. The extensive product range includes Compact Analytical Balances; Micro Analytical Balances; Industrial Wet Area Balances; Moisture Analysers; Precision Balances (Dust and Water Proof); Large Capacity Precision Multi-functional Balances; and Portable Top Pan Precision Balances.


Balance – Analytical: Internal Calibration – GH-252 (A&D Weighing)

The GH-252 Internal Calibration Analytical Balance is a high stability balance with automatic calibration The GH-252 balance is a dual range unit with a 250gm x 0.1mg major range and a 101gm x 0.01mg minor […]

Balances – Analytical, Micro: BM Series (A&D Weighing)

The Analytical microbalance range of balances have accurate measurement with micrograms readability The BM Series of Microbalances have many advanced and practical features including: Easy, fanless static elimination using a built-in ionizer Better operability with […]

Balances – Analytical, Semi-Micro: GR Series (A&D Weighing)

The GR analytical electronic balances feature internal automatic calibration, with data output and data logging The GR Series of semi-micro analytical balances have a unique ergonomic door design. Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing Full digital calibration […]

Balances – Compact: Analytical HR-AZ/HR-A Series (A&D Weighing)

The HR-AZ/HR-A Compact Analytical Balances offer fast accurate precision measuring The HR-AZ/HR-A series can weigh 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability. Compact footprint 198mm x 294mm Large removable breeze break with antistatic coating Fast stabilization […]

Balances – Compact: EJ Series (A&D Weighing)

The EJ Series Compact Balances offer accurate, high quality, attractive, stackable units The EJ 1mg series has a breeze break with anti-static coating to ensure high precision and stability. Portability Unique and engaging color scheme […]

Balances – Compact: HT Series (A&D Weighing)

The HT Series Compact Balances with three (3) color bars for easy identification The HT series offers storage box and stackable case. Optional stainless steel pan also available. Large LCD display Long battery life Multiple […]

Balances – Compact: Explosive Proof: EK-EP Series (A&D Weighing)

The EK-EP Series Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scales are ideal for a range of applications including hazardous area weighing The EK-EP Series feature a compact and lightweight design while maintaining excellent explosion protection – with IECEx […]

Balance – Compact: Pocket Size HJ-150 (A&D Weighing)

The HJ-150 Compact Scale is suitable to carry with you anywhere in your pocket, bag or briefcase The HJ-150 compact scale is easy to carry and only weighs 100g in weight and measures 66mm x […]

Balances – Compact: Waterproof HL-WP Series (A&D Weighing)

The HL-WP Series Compact Balances are stainless steel construction and are dust and waterproof The HL-WP Series are ideal for bench tops and are approved for trade use. These scales are available in capacities ranging […]

Balances – Compact: Waterproof SK-WP Series (A&D Weighing)

The SK-WP Series Compact Balances are stainless steel construction and waterproof The SK-WP Series are ideal for bench tops and are approved for trade use. These scales are available in capacities ranging from 1kg to […]

Balances – Compact: SJ-HS Series (A&D Weighing)

The SJ-HS Series Compact Balances are a low cost bench scale suited to basic weighing application The SJ-HS Series are ideal for bench tops. These scales feature capacities up to 12 kg and a settling […]

Balances: Industrial Wet Area – GP Series (A&D Weighing)

The GP Series Industrial Wet Area Warrior Class Scales are high capacity scales suitable for use in hostile environments With IP65 level protection and a column mounted indicator the GP Warrior scale is ideal for […]