A&D Weighing

Fisher Biotec is an Australian distributor for the A & D Weighing product range of scientific / laboratory balances

A & D Weighing is a leading Scales manufacturer and supplier for digital weighing scales. The extensive product range includes Compact Analytical Balances; Micro Analytical Balances; Industrial Wet Area Balances; Moisture Analysers; Precision Balances (Dust and Water Proof); Large Capacity Precision Multi-functional Balances; and Portable Top Pan Precision Balances.


New Protein Research Tools

GREAT SAVINGS ON PROTEIN PRODUCTS FROM ABCAM Lightning-Link® – Antibody, Protein & Peptide Conjugation kits Quickly conjugate the included label to your antibody, protein or peptide in as little as 20 minutes. Protein Ladders – […]

Balances – BA-T/BA Series: Micro/Semi Micro (A&D Weighing)

The Analytical Microbalance range of Borealis BA-T/BA Balances provide exceptional efficiency and time savings Borealis BA-T Series Microbalances: The Borealis BA-T Series of Microbalances include the 0.001 g models (micro balances) and the 0.01 mg […]

Balances – BM Series: Analytical Micro (A&D Weighing)

The Analytical microbalance range of balances have accurate measurement with micrograms readability The BM Series of Microbalances have many advanced and practical features including: Easy, fanless static elimination using a built-in ionizer Better operability with […]

Balances – EJ Series: Compact (A&D Weighing)

The EJ Series Compact Balances offer accurate, high quality, attractive, stackable units The EJ 1mg series has a breeze break with anti-static coating to ensure high precision and stability. Portability Unique and engaging color scheme […]

Balances – EK-EP Series: Compact, Explosive Proof (A&D Weighing)

The EK-EP Series Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scales are ideal for a range of applications including hazardous area weighing The EK-EP Series feature a compact and lightweight design while maintaining excellent explosion protection – with IECEx […]

Balances – EK-i/EW-i Series: Precision, Portable Top Pan (A&D Weighing)

The EK-i and EW-i Precision Balances offer a range of high accuracy, portable top pan balances The EK-i and EW-i series have accuracies range from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 400g to 12kg. Overload […]

Balances – EK-L Series: Precision, Large Capacity (A&D Weighing)

The EK-L Precision Balances are ideal for use where large capacity and high resolution are simultaneously required The EK-L series has many advanced and practical features including: Large weighing pan for bulky items Hygienic and […]

Balances – FZ/FX Series: Precision, Standard-Level (A&D Weighing)

The FZ-i and FX-i series standard-level Precision Balances deliver fast and accurate weighing, without any frills The FZ-i and FX-i series offer cost-effective solutions for a diverse array of applications. Air-pump controlled internal calibration (FZ-i […]

Balances – FZ/FX Series: Precision, Dust & Water Proof (A&D Weighing)

The FZ-iWP and FX-iWP series of Dust and Water Proof Precision Balances are designed for laboratory use The FZ-iWP and FX-iWP series has many advanced and practical features including: Compact, B5 size footprint Ultra-fast response […]

Balances – GH-252: Analytical, Internal Calibration (A&D Weighing)

The GH-252 Internal Calibration Analytical Balance is a high stability balance with automatic calibration The GH-252 balance is a dual range unit with a 250gm x 0.1mg major range and a 101gm x 0.01mg minor […]

Balances – GP Series: Industrial Wet Area (A&D Weighing)

The GP Series Industrial Wet Area Warrior Class Scales are high capacity scales suitable for use in hostile environments With IP65 level protection and a column mounted indicator the GP Warrior scale is ideal for […]

Balances – GR Series: Analytical Semi-Micro (A&D Weighing)

The GR analytical electronic balances feature internal automatic calibration, with data output and data logging The GR Series of semi-micro analytical balances have a unique ergonomic door design. Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing Full digital calibration […]