Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for Maestrogen Inc.

Maestrogen is a Taiwanese based company which develops and offers a wide variety of innovative research tools. The product range includes DNA Ladders; Pipette Tracking System; Gel Documentation System (Blue Light and Ultra-Violet Light); Mini Imaging System; Spectrophotometers; Transilluminators and Illuminators.


Cooling Box – Portable Sample Preparation Device (Maestrogen)

The eCooler sample preparation device or digital ice bucket provides rapid cooling speed Maintains cooling of samples below 4°C Consistent temperature – racks provide uniform temperature to all samples Compact and light – only weighs […]

DNA Ladders – Protein: AccuRuler (Maestrogen)

Protein Ladder – AccuRuler RGB Prestained Protein Ladder (250 µl) Sharp and stable Two reference bands – red at ~75 kDa and green at ~25 kDa Ready to use – no need to boil 3 […]

DNA Ladders – AccuRuler (Maestrogen)

DNA Ladders – AccuRuler 100bp (Size: 50µg/500µl) Range 100 bp to 1,500 bp Number of bands: 11 Concentration: 100 µg/ml Recommended load: 5 µl well Storage and loading buffer: 10 mM Tris-HCI (pH 8), 10 […]

Gel Documentation System – Blue Light / Ultra-Violet Light (Maestrogen)

Slider Imager (LED) (SML-01) – Blue Light Provides high sensitivity for DNA and protein gel photography Also can be a gel photography imager and cutting gel instrument Digital camera, 100% dark room for photography LCD […]

Gel Documentation System – Mini-imagers (Maestrogen)

Mini-imager™ (UV/LED) Small compact imager with dual lights of blue LED source and UV bulb illuminators Simple to use with compact dimension Digital camera, 100% dark room for photography USB interface – transfer and print […]

Pipetting Aid – Cooling System, iTrack TK-02 (Maestrogen)

The iTrack cooling system TK-02 enables faster and more accurate pipetting while effectively reducing pipetting time and error rate The TK-02 is suitable for ELISA, PCR, real-time PCR, cell culture and other methods that involve […]

Spectrophotometer – Micro-volume: MaestroNano Pro (Maestrogen)

The MaestroNano Pro Micro-volume Spectrophotometer is ideal for bio-chemical research requiring micro-volume measurement New technology of optical system design – no optical fiber needed Ideal for micro volume solution concentration measurement for DNA, RNA Vertical […]

Transilluminators and Illuminators – LED, UV (Maestrogen)

UltraBright LED Transilluminator Light source: choice of Blue LED; Blue, Green, Red LED; and Red NIR LED High sensitivity, accuracy and flexibility Viewing size: (mm) 160(D)x200(W) UltraBright UV Transilluminator Viewing size (mm): 210(D)x260(W) UltraSafe UV […]