Kyratec, a leader in the bioscience market, presents the SuperCycler Trinity, an ultra-compact, high-performance thermal cycler. Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for Kyratec, bringing you advanced cycling systems. The SuperCycler Trinity is designed for efficiency in PCR applications.

Elevate your bioscience research with Kyratec’s lab instruments, available through Fisher Biotec. For a seamless ordering experience and access to cutting-edge thermal cyclers, contact us at 1800 066 077 or submit an online enquiry.



Cycler – SuperCycler™: Thermal Trinity (Kyratec)

SuperCycler™ Trinity – Gradient Thermal Cycler is a high performance thermal cycling system The SuperCycler thermal cycling system is configured and optimised for industry standard 200ul individual or strip tubes, or 96-well plates. The cycler […]