LMC-56 Laboratory Centrifuge

LMC-56 Laboratory Centrifuge

BioSan's latest modern centrifuge. The LMC-56 is a low-speed laboratory centrifuge designed for accurate sedimentation, centrifugation and collection of necessary samples. BioSan centrifuges contain metal protection housing for easy maintenance and safe work. This unit is suitable for a wide variety of applications including medical, industrial and chemical.


  • It is a user-friendly device
  • Metal protective housing for safe performance
  • Emergency stop and imbalance indication
  • Active speed limit with automatic rotor detection
  • Maximum 6,000 rpm or 3,750g.
  • Up to 13 rotors to select from.
  • Equipped with different modes of acceleration and deceleration.
  • Ability to set the speed both in revolutions per minute and by relative centrifugal force.

Available in the following formats

  • BR-4U, Bucket rotor 4-place w/out adapters
    SKU: BS-010221-AK
  • BA-2/50, bucket adapter for 2x 50ml tubes (set of 4 pcs.) To be used with BR-4U rotor.
    SKU: BS-010221-CK
  • BA-4/15, bucket adapter for 4x15ml tubes (set of 4 pcs.) To be used with BR-4U rotor.
    SKU: BS-010221-EK
  • BA-14/2U, bucket adapter for 14x2ml microtest tubes (set of 4 pcs.). To be used with BR-4U rotor.
    SKU: BS-010221-JK
  • RMT-24, angle rotor for 24x 1.5/2 ml microtest tubes
    SKU: BS-010221-BK
  • Biosan LMC-56 Multifunctional Laboratory Centrifuge, w/out rotor
    SKU: BS-010221-A03