Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter stands as a well-known brand in the realm of life sciences and diagnostics, recognised for its role as a premier developer and designer of cutting-edge laboratory solutions including centrifuges and liquid handling systems.

The company’s dedication to advancing laboratory technology is evident in its range of automation solutions, optimising workflows and enhancing efficiency in diagnostics and research. Beckman Coulter’s commitment to pioneering solutions continues to shape the landscape of life science research.

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Centrifuges – Benchtop, & Microcentrifuges (Beckman Coulter)

Benchtop Centrifuges and Microcentrifuges – Small but Mighty Workhorses of the Lab ‘Compact yet powerful and built to last’ Designed for cell culture processing, blood sample preparation, microplate applications and more, these benchtop centrifuges provide […]

Centrifuges – High-Speed: Avanti Series (Beckman Coulter)

Avanti High-Speed Performance Centrifuges – Models JXN & J-E Series, J-26S Series, J-E Series, J-HC, J-26S Series, J-301 “Greater Control for High-Speed Centrifuge Workflows” From accelerating sample processing and enhancing workflows, to saving space and […]

Centrifuge Rotors (Beckman Coulter)

Centrifuge Rotors The Beckman Coulter Centrifuge Rotors are designed for diverse processing applications including Bioprocessing; Cellular Biology; Diagnostic and Clinical Biology; Protein Research; Research and Drug Discovery; and Virus and Nanotechnology Research. The extensive range […]

Liquid Handling System – Biomek 4000 (Beckman Coulter)

Biomek® 4000 Automated Liquid Handler is designed to optimize dependability and walkaway time for low- to medium-throughput labs The Biomek 4000 is a compact liquid handler ideal for smaller laboratories and those new to automation. […]

Liquid Handling Systems – Biomek i-Series (Beckman Coulter)

The Biomek i-Series i5 and i7 Automated Workstations are designed for your evolving workflow priorities Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize dependability and walk-away time in mid to high throughput labs. You […]

Liquid Handling Systems – Echo 525 & 650 Series (Beckman Coulter)

The Echo systems use sound energy to precisely transfer liquid without contact or using pipette tips, nozzles or tubing Designed for diverse applications in scientific research, the Echo Liquid Handlers combine the innovative technologies of […]

Ultracentrifuges – Preparative & Analytical (Beckman Coulter)

Analytical Ultracentrifuges – Macromolecule characterization in solution ‘Speed and sophistication without sacrificing usability’ Analytical ultracentrifugation is the most versatile, rigorous and accurate means for determining the molecular weight, hydrodynamic and thermodynamic properties of a protein […]