Simport Scientific Inc.

Fisher Biotec is an Australian distributor for the Simport product range of laboratory products

Simport Scientific is a leading developer and designer of quality consumable and reusable laboratory products. They design and manufacture ChillBlock™ racks for tubes, strips and plates; racks and cryogenic vials; and platforms for water baths, with SBS footprint, for quick transfer to automated systems.

PCR Plates: SuperFlex™ ‘Break-Away’, Low Profile (Simport)

SuperFlex™  T320-96 ‘Break-Away’ PCR Plates are individually flexible to have a perfect fit! Eliminate the use of scissors that cause perforated wells, damage sealing rings, and contamination issues. The wells can be separated into 8 […]

Platforms, high profile for water baths – ChillBlock™: S700-90 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ S700-90 High Profile Platforms for Water Baths are designed for use with ChillBlock™ Racks ChillBlock™ thermo-conductive platforms can be placed in ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or even in a water bath. It will […]

Racks for Cryogenic Vials – ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint: S700-80 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint S700-80 Racks are specially designed for Cryogenic vials with 15 wells ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint Cryogenic Vial Racks are compatible for quick transfer to automated systems. An alphanumeric grid allows for indexing rows […]

Racks for Tubes, Strips & Plates – ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint: S700-50/56 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint S700-50/56 Racks for Tubes, Strips and Plates are compatible for quick transfer to automated systems ChillBlock Thermal Conductive Tube Racks conform in size to the SBS standard footprint. An alphanumeric grid allows […]