Low Profile Superflex™ 96 Well PCR Plates

Low Profile Superflex™ 96 Well PCR Plates

With the SuperFlex™ Break-Away PCR Plates, you can now easily and quickly extract DNA from cells without any risk of perforation or contamination. Attach 8 strips to each well for an even more efficient process that also saves time!


  • For PCR and qPCR applications
  • Compatible with all instruments that fit non-skirted, low profile plates
  • Can be separated into 8 strips or higher
  • Molded from virgin polypropylene
  • Free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, and DNA
  • 0.2 ml low profile format
  • Sealable with the T321-96N PCR pierceable cap strips, or T329-6 Adhesive Seals or Heat Seals
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Available in the following formats

  • Superflex divisible sterile 96 well PCR plate 10,00 Qty / cs
    SKU: T320-96N1S
  • Superflex divisible 96 well white PCR plate 100,00 Qty / cs
    SKU: T320-96W
  • Superflex divisible Ultraclear caps mat 8 x 12 100,00 Qty / cs
    SKU: T321-96N
  • Superflex divisible 96 well PCR plate 100,00 Qty / cs
    SKU: T320-96N