MAWI DNA Technologies

Fisher Biotec presents Mawi DNA Technologies, a US-based innovator in DNA sample collection devices. As the Australian distributor, Fisher Biotec offers the groundbreaking iSWAB, a non-invasive DNA sample collection device.

Mawi’s extensive range includes iSWAB-DNA, iSWAB-RNA, and iSWAB-Blood, providing solutions for diverse sample types. From microbiome research to forensic applications, Mawi DNA Technologies leads the way in non-invasive sample collection, ensuring reliable and efficient results.

Discover the future of sample collection with Mawi DNA Technologies – where innovation meets simplicity. To order Mawi products and enhance your sample collection process, contact our team at 1800 066 077 or submit an enquiry online.



Biological Sample Collection – NextSWAB™ (MAWI)

‘Easier to process’ – compatible with Nasal and Oral Sample Collection **NEW** The Mawi NextSWAB™ is a sterile plastic sample applicator designed for high efficiency collection and release capability. NextSWAB has an industry standard 15 […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices: iSWAB™ Microbiome-EL (MAWI)

‘Decrease processing time for COVID testing’ The Mawi iSWAB™ Microbiome-EL (Extraction-Less) Collection Kit is compatible with both nasal and saliva collection, inactivates SARS-CoV-2 for safe collection and storage iSWAB-Microbiome-EL, and has been specifically designed to […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices: iSWAB™ Microbiome (MAWI)

‘Viral RNA stable at room temperature for up to 21 days’ iSWAB™ Microbiome Collection Kits from MAWI provide: Safer handling and fewer bio-hazard precautions Any swab can be used Validated by the CDC for collection […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ Discovery (MAWI)

iSWAB-Discovery Collection Kit can be used with humans or animals iSWAB-Discovery is a DNA collection kit for humans or animals that can capture samples producing robust yields of double stranded, long fragmented DNA from buccal cells […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ Animal (MAWI)

iSWAB-Animal Collection Kit – DNA samples can be taken from any animal Collect your DNA samples from animals with high yield <1% bacterial contamination. Reduce downstream failure rates for your animal genetics testing by using […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ Forensic ID (MAWI)

iSWAB-Forensic ID Collection Kits can be used for Crime DNA Recovery, Quality and Integrity iSWAB-Forensic ID kits are non-invasive sample collection tubes for collection and stabilization of protein and DNA in the same oral sample. iSWAB-Forensic […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ Cells (MAWI)

iSWAB-Cells Collection System and Cell Stabilization Kit – Multiomics Enables (including RNA) from the same sample! The iSWAB-Cells collection system is a universal non-invasive cell collection device, from which gDNA, RNA, proteins and cell morphology […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ DNA (MAWI)

iSWAB-DNA Collection Kits are suitable for all humans The iSWAB-DNA collection system for humans can capture samples producing high yields of double stranded, long fragmented DNA from buccal cells using traditional swabs. Collect-Stabilize-Concentrate-Transport-Extract-Store all in […]

DNA Sample Collection Devices – iSWAB™ RNA v2 (MAWI)

iSWAB-RNA v2 Collection Kits are suitable for all persons, including infants and the elderly The iSWAB-RNA v2 collection system allows for the non-invasive collection, concentration, and stabilization of intact buccal cells and/or any mammalian cells, […]