MagBio Genomics

Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for the MagBio Genomics

MagBio Genomics develops and commercializes magnetic bead-based products for nucleic acid isolation including biomarkers as tools for liquid biopsy genomic research.

COVID-19 Virus Detection: HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kits

“Rapid & reliable magnetic bead based isolation of viral nucleic acids” HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kits from Magbio Genomics provide: Optimised for isolation of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Rapid and reliable purification of viral nucleic acids Adaptable to […]

DNA/RNA Extraction/Isolation – HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit (MagBio)

HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA kits provide rapid and reliable isolation of total viral nucleic acids from whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva and other body fluids The HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA kits are designed for rapid and reliable […]

RNA Extraction Isolation – HighPrep™ Total RNA Plus Kit (MagBio)

HighPrep™ Total RNA Plus kit is a magnetic bead-based kit designed to extract high-quality total RNA from mammalian tissues and cultured cells The HighPrep™ Total RNA Plus kit is a paramagnetic bead-based system that allows […]

RNA or cDNA Purification – HighPrep™ RNA Elite (MagBio)

HighPrep™ RNA Elite is ideal for the purification of RNA or cDNA for in vitro applications as well as RNA and cDNA probe synthesis The HighPrep™ RNA Elite kit is solid-phase paramagnetic bead technology for […]