ALPHAGEN Biotech Ltd

Based in the south of Taiwan, ALPHAGEN Biotech Ltd launched in 2020, offering advanced automated systems to create quality-driven molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents. With over two decades of expertise in DNA/RNA extraction, ALPHAGEN Biotech strives to provide clients with superior-quality products at unbeatable prices. Fisher Biotec is proud to distribute ALPHAGEN Biotech throughout Australia. If you’re looking to place an order for ALPHAGEN products, please get in contact with our team online or by calling us on 1800 066 077.

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96-Well Plate System (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of 96-Well Plate Systems.

RNase Destroyer (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of RNase Destroyer.

Food DNA Extraction Kit (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of Food DNA Extraction Kits.

Viral Nucleic Acid (Viral DNA/RNA) (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a trusted supplier of Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit’s.

Plant Total RNA (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN is a supplier for Fisher Biotec’s Plant Total RNA Mini Kit’s.

Tissue Total RNA (ALPHAGEN)

We supply ALPHAGEN Tissue Total RNA Mini Kit’s.

Blood Total RNA (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN supplies Blood and Cultural Cell RNA Mini Kit’s for use.

DNA Sequencing Clean-Up Kit (ALPHAGEN)

We are trusted suppliers for ALPHAGEN Biotech’s DNA Sequencing Clean-Up Kit’s.

Genomic DNA Clean-Up Kit (ALPHAGEN)

ALPPHAGEN Biotech supplies Genomic DNA Clean-Up Kits.

Reagents Systems (ALPHAGEN)

ALPHAGEN supplies various reagents to suit various applications.

EtBr Destroyer (ALPHAGEN)

ALPPHAGEN Biotech supplies both EtBr Destroyer Bags and Sprayers. The ready pack ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer Bag is idea for the treatment of liquid Ethidium Bromide contaminant. Sprayer can be used for the treatment of solid […]

Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit (ALPHAGEN)

The ALPHAGEN Biotech Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit provides a rapid, simple and efficient method for extracting genomic DNA from plant tissues.