Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Cycler – Thermal: SuperCycler Trinity (Kyratec)

SuperCycler™ Trinity – Gradient Thermal Cycler is a high performance thermal cycling system The SuperCycler thermal cycling system is configured and optimised for industry standard 200ul individual or strip tubes, or 96-well plates. The cycler […]

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet – Cytoculture® (ESCO)

  The Cytoculture® Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet is the premium solution for Cytotoxic Drug Processing The CYT-K cabinets are specialized cabinets providing the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection for cytotoxic/antineoplastic drug processing. Features […]

Gel Documentation System – LED Blue Light / Ultra-Violet Light (Maestrogen)

Slider Imager (LED) (SML-01) – Blue Light Provides high sensitivity for DNA and protein gel photography Also can be a gel photography imager and cutting gel instrument Digital camera, 100% dark room for photography LCD […]

Densitometers – McFarland (Biosan)

The McFarland Densitometers are designed and factory calibrated to measure turbidity in the range of 0.3 to 5.0 McFarland units and 0.00 to 6.00 McFarland units The McFarland Densitometers are a compact size and designed […]

Dry Block Heater – Digital (Select BioProducts)

Digital Block Heaters are available in single, dual and 4 block capacity and have a variety of interchangeable blocks Digital block heaters have a broad temperature range, up to 150°C and excellent uniformity make these […]

Dry Block Heater – Heating/Cooling (BioSan)

The Heating/Cooling Dry Block is a combination heating dry block and cooling dry block thermostat The CH-100 Dry Block Heater is a very effective instrument for sample preparation during enzyme reactions, hybridization reactions and DNA […]

Dry Block Heater – Thermostated, Digital (BioSan)

Dry Block Heaters (Thermostats) are compact and easy-to-use specially designed for long incubation at different temperatures With the help of the software-enabled temperature calibration function, the user can calibrate the unit in the range of […]

Dry Block Heaters – Digital and Analogue (Ratek)

The Digital Block Heaters offer excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility The precision Digital Dry Block Heaters are available in a variety of block sizes including 1, 2, […]

Ductless Fume Hoods – Ascent® Max and Opti (ESCO)

Ascent® Ductless Fume Hoods provide protection to both laboratory staff and the environment from toxic fumes and are quickly becoming a viable alternative to conventional fume hoods Unlike conventional fume hoods, these hoods filter out […]

Mini-Centrifuge/Vortex – Combi-Spin FVL-2400N (BioSan)

The Combi-Spin Mini-centrifuge/Vortex is specially designed for genetic engineering research (for PCR diagnostics experiments) The Combi-Spin (FVL-2400N) can be used in microbiological, biochemical, clinical laboratories and industrial biotechnological laboratories. Combi-Spin provides simultaneous mixing and separation […]

Electrofusion and Electroporation System – ECM 2001 (BTX)

The ECM® 2001 Cell Fusion and Electroporation System  is a multipurpose electro cell manipulation pulse generator The ECM 2001 is capable of performing both electrofusion for hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation and nuclear transfer applications […]

Electrofusion and Electroporation System – ECM® 2001+ (BTX)

The ECM® 2001+ Electrofusion and Electroporation System is a new model with updated functionality! The ECM® 2001+ is capable of performing both electrofusion for hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation and nuclear transfer applications in addition […]