Electrophoresis Equipment & Accessories

Transilluminator UV – UltraSlim® (Maestrogen)

UltraSlim® UV Transilluminator The UltraSlim® UV Transilluminator has cutting-edge construction for increased performance and efficiency. Optimized for use with nucleic acid and protein stains such as MaestroSafe, EtBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR® Green I […]

Transilluminator – safeVIEW: LED/Blue Light (Cleaver Scientific)

The safeVIEW LED Blue Light Transilluminator offers a safe way to view and document samples The LED light source has the added advantage that it does not cause damage to DNA or RNA that would […]

Transilluminator/Illuminator LED – BandPeeper® (Maestrogen)

BandPeeper® LED Transilluminator/Illuminator The BandPeeper® LED Transilluminator/Illuminator is a real-time gel electrophoresis viewer which shows real-time fluorescent signals from DNA gels in electrophoresis buffer for molecular biology application. Cost saving Accurate electrophoresis duration control Compatible […]

Transilluminator/Illuminator LED – UltraSlim® (Maestrogen)

UltraSlim® LED Transilluminator/Illuminator The UltraSlim® LED Transilluminator/Illuminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench, or within gel documentation systems. Lighting from the LED source inside the instrument produces blue light with a […]

UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets – Cleanview (Cleaver Scientific)

Cleanview UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment The cabinets incorporate safety features to prevent user-exposure to UV light. The UV lights are timer […]