PCR and qPCR Instrumentation, Reagents & Consumables

DNA/RNA UV-Cleaner Boxes – UVT-S-AR (BioSan)

The DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box UVT-S-AR is designed for clean operations with DNA samples and providing protection against contamination Model is a bench-top type with wider working are dimensions, made of metal framework, glass walls, working […]

dNTP Mixes – Ultra-pure, Molecular Grade, Ready-to-use for PCR (Fisher Biotec)

Fisher Biotec specializes in the manufacture of leading-edge products for Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomics research See below our comprehensive range of ultra-pure molecular grade dNTPs for your PCR reactions: Sets of dNTPs Several different […]

Dyes & Stains – Antibody & Protein Labeling Kits (Biotium)

Mix-n-Stain™ are fast and easy kits for labeling antibodies, other proteins, and small ligands Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labeling kits dramatically simplify the process of preparing fluorescently labeled antibodies, particularly primary antibodies. Simply mix your antibody and […]

Dyes & Stains – Ethidium Bromide Solution (Fisher Biotec)

Ethidium Bromide Solution (EtBr) is a commonly used fluorescent stain to visualize nucleic acid EtBr intercalates between DNA bases. Upon intercalation, its fluorescence increases several folds (25 fold increase when it binds DNA), much higher […]

Dyes & Stains – Near-Infrared Fluorescent (Biotium)

Near-Infrared CF™ Dyes (near-IR, NIR) are ideal for in vivo fluorescence imaging, and highly sensitive multiplex Western blotting and In-Cell Western™ assays NIR CF™ dye advantages include: Brightness Photostable Water soluble pH Insensitive Compatible with […]

Dyes & Stains – Nucleic Acid Gel: GelRed™ & GelGreen™ (Biotium)

GelRed™ and GelGreen™ are fluorescent nucleic acid gel stains designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr) GelRed™ and GelGreen™ are the only gel stains specifically designed to avoid interacting with genomic DNA by […]

Dyes & Stains – Protein Gels (Biotium)

One-Step Blue™ is a ready-to-use protein gel staining solution One-Step Blue produces fast (5-60 min) protein staining in a single step without fixation or washing. Proteins can be detected by visible blue staining, or by […]

Dyes & Stains – qPCR Master Mixes (PrimerDesign)

PrecisionULTRA qPCR Master Mix Supreme sensitivity at the limit of detection and is optimised for applications such as ccfDNA qPCR analysis. This 2X Master Mix contains a unique formulation to increase the sensitivity of your […]

Dyes & Stains – qPCR Master Mixes – Fast-Plus EvaGreen®

Fast-Plus EvaGreen® qPCR Master Mix is a next generation DNA-binding dye with features ideal for use in quantitive real-time PCR (qPCR) and many other applications EvaGreen® dye is designed using a novel concept of DNA […]

Dyes & Stains – qPCR Master Mixes – Forget-Me-Not™

Forget-Me-Not™ qPCR Master Mix is a hot-start EvaGreen® dye-based master mix for use in real-time PCR applications and DNA melt curve analysis Forget-Me-Not™ features a unique combination of a master mix containing a low concentration […]

EDNA DNA Extraction Kits – Blood, Tissue, Plant & Insect (Fisher Biotec)

Fisher Biotec specializes in the manufacture of leading-edge products for Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomics research See below our comprehensive range of EDNA DNA Testing Kits: EDNA HiSpEx Blood Kit validated for extraction of PCR-ready […]

Enzymes – RapiDxFire™ Thermostable RT (Biosearch Technologies)

RapiDxFire™ Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase is a unique, proprietary enzyme – fast and specific, even at room temperature RapiDxFire™ Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase (RT) has been designed specifically to meet the needs of diagnostic kit developers. RapiDxFire™ […]