PCR and qPCR Instrumentation, Reagents & Consumables

Thermo-Shaker, for Microtubes & PCR Plates (without Cooling & with Cooling) (Biosan)

The TS-100 Thermo-Shaker for microtubes and PCR plates provides intensive mixing and temperature control of samples The TS-100C is ideal for DNA analysis sample preparation, extraction of proteins, polysaccharides, lipids and other cellular components. Quickly […]

UV Irradiation System – BIO-LINK BLX Crosslinker (Vilber)

The Bio-Link BLX Crosslinker is an UV irradiation system dedicated to the linking of nucleic acid to membranes and elimination of PCR contamination Its innovative design includes a programmable microprocessor, precise irradiation in either energy […]

UV-Cleaner Boxes – DNA/RNA (BioSan)

The DNA/RNA UV-cleaner boxes are designed for clean operations with DNA samples and provide protection against contamination All models are bench-top type, made of metal framework, glass (or plexiglas) walls and working surface painted with […]

UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets – Cleanview (Cleaver Scientific)

Cleanview UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment The cabinets incorporate safety features to prevent user-exposure to UV light. The UV lights are timer […]

Veterinary & Agricultural Pathogen Detection Testing Kits for qPCR (PrimerDesign)

GenesigĀ® qPCR Testing Kits – Veterinary and Agricultural Pathogen Detection The Primerdesign testing kits for Veterinary and Agricultural Pathogen addresses some truly unique challenges in the field. These highly highly sensitive testing kits include a […]