Fisher Biotec is celebrating 25 years of service to Australian science

It will be 25 years since our doors first opened. In 1997 a stamp cost 43c, petrol was around 63c a litre and the iconic movie, ‘The Castle’, was a hit in the cinemas. But more importantly, on the 1st April (no fooling!) our company was born.
Since that time, Fisher Biotec has continually expanded its product range to provide high quality products and services to the Australian scientific community. With just a small team of four staff we started with a vision to offering the scientific market a fresh and innovative alternative with personalised service, providing cost effective solutions and tools to our customers for their life science research work.
Our aim was to exceed our customers’ expectations at every level and offer best possible value for money. Fast forward 25 years and it’s these same principles that underpin everything that Fisher Biotec still does.
It is with enormous pride that we celebrate 25 years of service to Australian Science. Fisher Biotec would like to thank all its loyal customers. Your support and commitment to buying from a customer focused, Australian-owned business, has enabled our success.
We are very proud to have reached this milestone and we look forward to supporting your research in the future.
Thank you!