Sequence BioTech, LLC

Fisher Biotec proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for Sequence Biotech in Australia. Sequence Biotech, a prominent US-based company, is recognised for its expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative liquid handling products that set industry standards for precision, reliability, and efficiency. These products cater to the intricate demands of various laboratory applications, including genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and diagnostics.

From pipetting systems with unparalleled precision to automated liquid handling workstations equipped with cutting-edge robotics, Sequence Biotech’s products address the evolving needs of modern laboratories. To learn more about the Sequence Biotech range, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team online or by calling 1800 066 077.

Pipettor (Benchtop) – Precision Plus Series (Sequence BioTech, LLC)

The Precision Plus Series Advanced 96/384 Benchtop Pipettor is innovative and easy to use The Precision Plus benchtop pipettor is ideal for cell culture, plate replication, plate reformatting, and multi-step dispensing. It is a light-weight, […]

Pipettor (Benchtop) – Precision Series (Sequence BioTech, LLC)

The Precision Series model Benchtop Pipettor offers you a cost-effective solution to all your pipetting needs The Precision 96/384 benchtop pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats. Plate stamping, […]