Fisher Biotec is the Australian distributor for the Axygen® product range

As one of the largest life sciences product suppliers, Axygen® (a Corning brand) offer a vast portfolio of products and solutions for genomics applications including Automation Consumables (Automation Pipet Tips); PCR Consumables (PCR Microplates, Sealing Mats, Strip Caps and Tubes, Deep Well Plates); Sample Preparation Solutions (Molecular Biology Equipment); and DNA Markers/Ladders and Reagents.


Sealing Mats, Sealing Films & Sealing Film Roller (Axygen®)

Axygen® Sealing Solution Products are suitable for applications ranging from PCR and real-time PCR to ELISA and cell culture AxyMat Sealing Mats – for PCR Microplates and Assay and Storage Microplates. Research-grade silicone sealing mats […]

Storage Boxes and Microcentrifuge Tube Racks (Axygen®)

Axygen® offers a range of Plasticware products including Microtube Racks and Microtube Storage Boxes Storage Boxes Ideal for sample storage, these polypropylene boxes are engineered to withstand freezing temperatures at -80°C and autoclaving temperatures up […]

Syringe Columns (SPE) – AxyPrep™ (Axygen®)

The SPE Syringe Column fits all commonly available disposable syringes The AxySep SPE Syringe Column is a fritted, snap-together device that can be filled with a sorbent for carrying out syringe-mediated SPE (solid phase extraction). […]

Transport Tubes (Axygen®)

Self-standing Screw Cap Transport Tubes (available with blue caps) Graduation marks at 1.0 mL intervals Tubes have large, frosted writing area for sample identification Secure fit between tube and cap provides a leak-resistant seal Maximum […]