QuickSeal Micro

QuickSeal Micro

Low strength adhesive film that is transparent, peelable and suitable for short term storage. This transparent polyester-based film has a low strength adhesive. It is designed as a low-cost sealing option, and useful for temporary storage and as a cover for applications such as centrifugation. End tabs allow for easy application and removal. This seal is removable without leaving residue on the plate. For all adhesive seals, the best sealing results are achieved using our Hand Roller or KAPS 500 Auto Sealer.

Key Features

  • Non-pierceable
  • Peelable
  • Seal integrity range: -20 °C to 80 °C
  • Applications: sample storage (aqueous samples only)
  • Suitable for all plate types

Available in the following formats

  • Pack of 100 Sheets 135mm x 80mm Sterile
    SKU: IST-125-080SS
  • Roll 110m x 80mm
    SKU: IST-125-080LR
  • Roll 110m x 80mm Sterile
    SKU: IST-125-080SR
  • Pack of 100 Sheets 135mm x 80mm
    SKU: IST-125-080LS
  • Pack of 5 Sheets 135mm x 80mm
    SKU: IST-125-080TS