Gas PermASeal

Gas PermASeal

Non-woven gas permeable seal that limits evaporation. The seal is peelable, pierceable; suitable for cell culture and seed & insect storage too. Heat sealing offers a 100% effective method for plate sealing for a complete seal integrity, as well as being quick and cost effective. Our Gas PermASeal Heat Seal is made from a non-woven material and is designed for use in cell culture, due to its porous nature. The seal is compatible with polypropylene and polystyrene. It can be removed by peeling, or it can be pierced with a pipette tip manually, using a liquid handling robot. Gas PermASeal Heat Seal can be utilized for effective overnight incubations, during which it demonstrates significant reductions in evaporation compared to lids. It can also be used for insect and seed storage as it enables gas exchange, whilst providing an inert surface with no adhesive to interfere with the well contents. This seal is available as sheets, for use with manual and semi-automated sealers.

Key Features

  • Peelable
  • Pierceable
  • Seal integrity range: -20 °C to 80 °C
  • Autoclavable (121 °C)
  • Seals polypropylene and polystyrene
  • Suitable for cell culture, overnight incubations, as well as insect and seed storage

Variations Available

  • Roll 200m x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078LR
  • Roll Sterile 200m x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078SR
  • Roll 200m x 115mm
    SKU: IST-110-115LR
  • Roll Sterile 200m x 115mm
    SKU: IST-110-115SR
  • Pack of 100 Sheets 125mm x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078LS
  • Pack of 100 Sheets Sterile 125mm x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078SS
  • Roll 5m x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078TR
  • Roll 5m x 115mm
    SKU: IST-110-115TR
  • Pack of 5 Sheets 125mm x 78mm
    SKU: IST-110-078TS