Liquid Handling & Automation

Pipettors – Axypet® Pro: Single and Multi-channel (Axygen®)

Axypet® Pro Single- and Multi-channel Pipettors are engineered to provide the highest level of comfort, accuracy and precision “Color-coded for your convenience” Available in single, 8-channel and 12-channel configurations, the Axypet Pro Pipettors are lightweight […]

Pipettors – Axypet® Single and Multi-channel (Axygen)

Axypet® Single and Multi-channel Pipettors combine accuracy and precision with design innovations to make pipetting more comfortable during prolonged periods of time Axypet® single channel and 8 and 12 multi-channel models cover the volume range […]

Pipettors – Excel™: Electronic, Single & Multi Channel (Labnet)

The Excel™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipettors are comfortable for both right and left handed users The single-channel pipettors can be used for standard and reverse pipetting as well as multiple and sequential dispensing, mixing of samples […]

Platforms, high profile for water baths – ChillBlock™: S700-90 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ S700-90 High Profile Platforms for Water Baths are designed for use with ChillBlock™ Racks ChillBlock™ thermo-conductive platforms can be placed in ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or even in a water bath. It will […]

Racks and Storage Boxes for Microtubes (Labnet)

Labnet offers a range of Plasticware products including Microtube Racks and Microtube Storage Boxes Microtube Storage Boxes are ideal for sample storage. These polypropylene boxes are engineered to withstand freezing temperatures at -80°C and autoclaving […]

Racks for Cryogenic Vials – ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint: S700-80 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint S700-80 Racks are specially designed for Cryogenic vials with 15 wells ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint Cryogenic Vial Racks are compatible for quick transfer to automated systems. An alphanumeric grid allows for indexing rows […]

Racks for Tubes, Strips & Plates – ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint: S700-50/56 (Simport)

ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint S700-50/56 Racks for Tubes, Strips and Plates are compatible for quick transfer to automated systems ChillBlock Thermal Conductive Tube Racks conform in size to the SBS standard footprint. An alphanumeric grid allows […]

Reservoirs – Reagent Disposable (Axygen®)

Disposable Reagent Reservoirs are designed to accommodate all multi-channel pipettors Maximum sample retrieval: 4 corners and a sharp V-bottom shape Non-pyrogenic and certified RNase-/DNase-free Sterile and Non-Sterile Available in maximum volume 25mL, 50mL and 100mL.

Reservoirs – Reagent, Single-well and Multi-well (Axygen®)

Reagent Reservoirs are available in single-well and multiple-well reagent vessels Corning offers a complete line of Axygen single-well and multiple-well reagent reservoirs which are available in multiple formats for automated and manual use. All reservoirs […]

Tip Systems – MultiRack (Axygen®)

MultiRack system solution for small volume liquid handling The Axygen® MultiRack tip system has been engineered to fit most of the pipettors in the market. It is an interchangeable, complete system offered in bulk, racked, […]

Viscometers – Sine-wave Vibro (A & D Weighing)

The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform continuous measurements from very low to high viscosity The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform simultaneous measurements of temperature and viscosity. Advantages include: Very quick measurement High accuracy […]