Liquid Handling & Automation

Pipettor (Benchtop) – Precision Series (Sequence BioTech, LLC)

The Precision Series model Benchtop Pipettor offers you a cost-effective solution to all your pipetting needs The Precision 96/384 benchtop pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats. Plate stamping, […]

Pipettors – Excel™: Electronic, Single & Multi Channel (Labnet)

The Excel™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipettors are comfortable for both right and left handed users The single-channel pipettors can be used for standard and reverse pipetting as well as multiple and sequential dispensing, mixing of samples […]

Pipettors – Axypet® Single and Multi-channel (Axygen)

Axypet® Single and Multi-channel Pipettors combine accuracy and precision with design innovations to make pipetting more comfortable during prolonged periods of time Axypet® single channel and 8 and 12 multi-channel models cover the volume range […]

Pipettors – Axypet® Pro: Single and Multi-channel (Axygen®)

Axypet® Pro Single- and Multi-channel Pipettors are engineered to provide the highest level of comfort, accuracy and precision “Color-coded for your convenience” Available in single, 8-channel and 12-channel configurations, the Axypet Pro Pipettors are lightweight […]

Reservoirs – Reagent Disposable (Axygen®)

Disposable Reagent Reservoirs are designed to accommodate all multi-channel pipettors Maximum sample retrieval: 4 corners and a sharp V-bottom shape Non-pyrogenic and certified RNase-/DNase-free Sterile and Non-Sterile Available in maximum volume 25mL, 50mL and 100mL.

Reservoirs – Reagent, Single-well and Multi-well (Axygen®)

Reagent Reservoirs are available in single-well and multiple-well reagent vessels Corning offers a complete line of Axygen single-well and multiple-well reagent reservoirs which are available in multiple formats for automated and manual use. All reservoirs […]

Tube Racks, & Tube Storage Boxes (Labnet)

Labnet offers a range of Plasticware products including Microtube Racks and Microtube Storage Boxes Microtube Storage Boxes are ideal for sample storage. These polypropylene boxes are engineered to withstand freezing temperatures at -80°C and autoclaving […]

Viscometers – Sine-wave Vibro (A & D Weighing)

The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform continuous measurements from very low to high viscosity The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform simultaneous measurements of temperature and viscosity. Advantages include: Very quick measurement High accuracy […]