Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets – Cleanview (Cleaver Scientific)

Cleanview UV/PCR Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment The cabinets incorporate safety features to prevent user-exposure to UV light. The UV lights are timer […]

UV Cleaner-Recirculators UVR-M & UVR-Mi (BioSan)

The UV Cleaner-Recirculators provide complete protection from direct ultraviolet radiation UV Cleaner-Recirculators are ideal for air disinfection in research laboratory rooms. The devices offer complete protection from direct ultraviolet radiation. Convenient fixation on walls Optional […]

Viscometers – Sine-wave Vibro (A & D Weighing)

The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform continuous measurements from very low to high viscosity The SV-A series of Viscometers can perform simultaneous measurements of temperature and viscosity. Advantages include: Very quick measurement High accuracy […]

UV Darkroom CN-6 (Vilber)

UV Darkrooms The Vilber UV Darkroom CN-6 provides a large effective capacity and a high detection sensitivity. It can offer any combination of UV sources, simultaneously or not. Large Capacity – Ideal for small or […]

UV Irradiation System – Bio-Link BLX (Vilber)

UV Bio-Link BLX crosslinker is a UV irradiation system The Vilber Bio-Link BLX is a UV irradiation system, mainly dedicated to the linking of nucleic acid to membranes and elimination of PCR contamination. Its innovative […]

UV Irradiation System – Bio-Sun (Vilber)

UV Bio-Sun is a complete microprocessor controlled UV irradiation system The Vilber Bio-Sun is a UV irradiation system, designed for Petri dishes or micro-plates. Based on a programmable microprocessor, the system constantly monitors the UV […]

UV Radiometers (Vilber)

Vilber UV Radiometers are designed for an accurate and direct measurement of UV Radiation The UV Radiometers measure UV light intensity for a specific wavelength (254, 312 or 365nm).  There is no UV light converted […]

Vortex Mixer – Select SBS100-3 (Select BioProducts)

The Select Vortex Mixer is useful for a variety of applications from gentle mixing of samples to re-suspending pellets The Vortexer has two modes of operation and accepts a variety of different sized tubes. Additional […]

Vortex Mixer – Multi-Speed: MSV-3500 (BioSan)

The Multi-Speed Vortex Mixer MSV-3500 is designed for soft or intensive mixing of reagents in different size tubes (0.2 to 50 ml) The unit has four types of interchangeable platforms (all included) for Eppendorf type […]

Vortex Mixer – Multi-Vortex: V-32 (BioSan)

The Multi-Vortex V-32 is ideal for intensive stirring of bacterial and yeast cell, washing from the culture medium and extraction of metabolites and enzymes from cells The V-32 multi-vortex mixer is able to mix up […]

Vortex Mixer – Orbit™ 300, Multipurpose Digital (Labnet)

The Orbit™ 300 Multipurpose compact Digital Vortexer features flexible vortexing speeds The Orbit 300 has three interchangeable platforms (available separately) to accommodate a variety of sample containers to make it a truly multipurpose shaker. The […]

Vortex Mixer – Personal, Basic: V-1 plus (BioSan)

The Vortex V-1 plus is ideal for gentle mixing to vigorous resuspension of cells and liquids The Personal V-1 vortex mixer has two modes – continuous operation; and impulse operation (pressure activated). Ideal for intensive […]