Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Rotator (Mini) – Bio RS-24 (BioSan)

The Mini-rotator, Bio RS-24 is the ideal instrument for preventing blood coagulation in tubes and for biological components extraction The device is simple to operate, designed as a low cost solution. Provides vertical rotation of […]

Rotator – Multi Bio RS-24, RS-60: Multi Programmable (Biosan)

Programmable Rotators can be used for hybridization reactions, cell growing, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solutions Programmable Multi Bio Rotator Three rotation types: vertical rotation, reciprocal and vibration Can be used for […]

Rotator/Mixer – Revolver™: 360° (Labnet)

The Revolver™ Adjustable lab sample rotator accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between The Revolver™ lab rotator can be used in ambient temperatures from +4°C to […]

Rotary Mixer – RM4: Digital (Ratek)

The all-round Rotary Mixer RM4 is perfect for mixing larger laboratory bottles and flasks The RM4 digital rotary mixer can accommodate up to 4 x Ratek UMC1/2/3/4 clamps, allowing test tubes, vials, lab bottles, wine […]

Rotary Mixer – RSM7DC: Suspension (Ratek)

The Rotary Suspension Mixer (RSM7DC) can be used to achieve a wide range of mixing actions, all in the one machine With a wide range of accessories available, as well as a tilt-adjustable drive, the […]

Rotary/Roller Mixer – RM5: Heavy Duty (Ratek)

The Heavy Duty Rotary/Roller Mixer RM5 is capable of turning large drums, barrels or a carrier carousel The Rotary/Roller Mixer RM5 is ideal for mixing large quantities of laboratory flasks, paint cans, bottles, soil samples […]

Rotators – BTR5 & BTR10: Tube Roller Mixers (Ratek)

Tube Roller Mixers (BTR5-12V & BTR10-12V) are perfectly suited to mixing blood samples and liquid-solid suspensions The BTR5-12V features 5 sturdy aluminium rollers which can take 1 kg of load per pair of rollers at […]

Sample Monitoring System – PROtect (ESCO)

PROtect is a wireless or cable remote monitoring/alarm system for any brand of fridge and freezer, oven, CO2 or standard incubator System is designed to work 24/7 Measures and records physical parameters such as temperature, […]

Shaker – GyroTwister™ GX-1000: 3D, Laboratory (Labnet)

GyroTwister™ 3D Laboratory Shaker is perfect for general mixing, staining gels, hybridization and other applications The three dimensional shaking motion of the GyroTwister™ GX-1000 is extremely efficient, yet gentle, making this shaker ideal for general […]

Shaker (Mini) – Sunflower 3D (BioSan)

‘Sunflower’ 3D Mini-Shaker is a compact device with low energy consumption The Sunflower Mini-Shaker provides adjustable three-dimensional smooth rotation of the platform and is designed for mixing blood samples, for mini-gel staining and destaining, sample […]

Shaker (Mini) – Sunflower 3D Multi Bio: Programmable (BioSan)

Multi Bio 3D programmable Mini Shaker provides realization of several types of motion in one module The Multi Bio 3D is designed for hybridization reactions, cell growing, gel washing, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological […]

Shaker (Mini) – PSU2T: for Immunoassays & Microplates (BioSan)

The PSU-2T Mini-Shaker for Immunology is a compact and user-friendly device The Mini-Shaker is designed for immunoassays and provides adjustable mixing of reagents in microplates. Smooth movement of platform at low speeds Small desk-top footprint […]