Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

UV Cleaner-Recirculators UVR-M & UVR-Mi (BioSan)

The UV Cleaner-Recirculators provide complete protection from direct ultraviolet radiation UV Cleaner-Recirculators are ideal for air disinfection in research laboratory rooms. The devices offer complete protection from direct ultraviolet radiation. Convenient fixation on walls Optional […]

Vortex Mixer – Select (Select BioProducts)

The Select Vortex Mixer is useful for a variety of applications from gentle mixing of samples to re-suspending pellets The Vortexer has two modes of operation and accepts a variety of different sized tubes. Additional […]

Vortexing Mixer – Multi-Vortex: V-32 (BioSan)

The Multi-Vortex V-32 is ideal for intensive stirring of bacterial and yeast cell, washing from the culture medium and extraction of metabolites and enzymes from cells The V-32 multi-vortex mixer is able to mix up […]

Vortexing Mixer – Personal, Basic: V-1 plus (BioSan)

The Vortex V-1 plus is ideal for gentle mixing to vigorous resuspension of cells and liquids The Personal V-1 vortex mixer has two modes – continuous operation; and impulse operation (pressure activated). Ideal for intensive […]

Vortex Mixers & Magnetic Stirrers (Ratek)

The VM1 Personal Vortex Mixer is very reliable and can handle the day-to-day tough life in the lab! Push-to-mix or permanent mixing Suits 1.5mL to 50mL + tubes/bottles 200-2700 RPM speed adjustable The MTV1 High-Capacity […]

Warming Trays – Digital (Ratek)

The Warming Tray is perfect for heating microscope slides, beakers and flat-bottomed flasks Provides uniform temperatures across the surface Black anodized aluminium surface is resistant to most spills Large 450 x 200mm warming tray Custom […]

Water Bath – Thermostated WB-4MS (BioSan)

Stirred Water Bath  is designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological laboratory research Easy set up and compact size Temperature setting range: +25°C to +100°C Increased temperature stabilization due to built-in magnetic stirrer Digital setting […]

Water Baths and Tanks – Heated and Unheated (Ratek)

The WB Range of Digital Heated Waterbaths feature intelligent design and offer a wide range of models and options Un-Circulated Heated Analogue Waterbaths – 4, 7, 14 & 20 litre models offer excellent temperature stability, […]

Water Systems (Untrapure) – Labaqua Series **NEW** (BioSan)

Unltrapure Water Systems – Labaqua series are multi-purpose water purification systems that produce ultrapure water directly from tap water Ultrapure (Grade 1) water is dispensed through the point-of-use filter on the front panel. Pure (Grade […]