Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Pipettors – Excel™: Electronic, Single & Multi Channel (Labnet)

The Excel™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipettors are comfortable for both right and left handed users The single-channel pipettors can be used for standard and reverse pipetting as well as multiple and sequential dispensing, mixing of samples […]

Pipettors – Axypet® Single and Multi-channel (Axygen)

Axypet® Single and Multi-channel Pipettors combine accuracy and precision with design innovations to make pipetting more comfortable during prolonged periods of time Axypet® single channel and 8 and 12 multi-channel models cover the volume range […]

Pipettors – Axypet® Pro: Single and Multi-channel (Axygen®)

Axypet® Pro Single- and Multi-channel Pipettors are engineered to provide the highest level of comfort, accuracy and precision “Color-coded for your convenience” Available in single, 8-channel and 12-channel configurations, the Axypet Pro Pipettors are lightweight […]

Plate Sealer – PlateMax®: Semi-automatic (Axygen)

The Axygen® Semi-Automatic Plate Sealer – PlateMax® accepts a wide variety of plate types and heights The Axygen PlateMax semi-automatic plate sealer is ideal for the low to medium throughput laboratory that requires uniform and consistent […]

Plate Spinner Centrifuge – Axyspin: Mini (Axygen®)

The Axygen® Axyspin Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge is a compact centrifuge with a small footprint The Axyspin is designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates. It can be […]

Plate Spinner Centrifuge – MPS 1000: Mini (Labnet)

The MPS 1000 Microplate Spinner is designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates The unique design of the Mini Plate Spinner is a compact centrifuge that has an […]

Plate Spinner Centrifuge – SelectSpin™: Mini (Select BioProducts)

The SelectSpin™ Plate Centrifuge is designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates The unique design of the SelectSpin is a compact centrifuge that has an extremely small footprint […]

Power Supplies: Electrophoresis, PowerPro 300 (Cleaver Scientific)

The PowerPro are versatile multi-function power supplies suitable for a wide range of electrophoresis applications The PowerPro are available in 3 sizes, and combine excellent specification, performance, reliability with unparalleled value. PowerPro 3AMP Perfect for […]

Power Supplies: Electrophoresis: ENDURO™ (Labnet)

The ENDURO™ Power Supplies are ideal for DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis as well as blotting ENDURO™ Power Supplies provide a high degree of sophistication and versatility yet are extremely easy to use. Three models […]

Pulse Switcher – for Gemini X2 & ECM 830 Systems **NEW** (BTX)

Significantly expand pulsing application capabilities by adding a Pulse Switcher to your system Easily execute automatic grouped pulse, bipolar switching protocols by adding the Pulse Switcher to your ECM 830 or Gemini X2 electroporation waveform […]

Real-Time PCR System – MyGo Mini (IT-IS Life Science)

The MyGo Mini® is the world’s most compact real-time PCR instrument, with no moving parts providing silent operation and maximum reliability. It provides users with great results over a broad range of applications. Up to […]

Real-Time PCR System – MyGo Pro (IT-IS Life Science)

The MyGo Pro® Real-time PCR System provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. The robust MyGo Pro system is easy to transport and install. Up to 32 samples can be run in 0.1 ml tubes […]