Heating & Drying Equipment

Warming Trays – WT 1 & WT 2500: Digital (Ratek)

The Warming Tray (WT 1) is perfect for heating microscope slides, beakers and flat-bottomed flasks Provides uniform temperatures across the surface Black anodized aluminium surface is resistant to most spills Large 450 x 200mm warming […]

Water Bath – Mini 6L: Analog (Labnet)

The mini general purpose Water Bath has a 6 Liter capacity The Mini Water Bath with 6 L capacity can accommodate test tube racks or up to three 250 mL flasks. A powerful 500W heater […]

Water Bath – WB-4MS: 4L Thermostated (BioSan)

Stirred Water Bath  is designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological laboratory research The 4L Water Bath-Thermostat WB-4MS provides increased temperature stabilization (up to 0.1°C) due to a built-in magnetic stirrer (regulated speed 250–1,000 rpm). […]

Water Bath – SWB10D240 10L: Shaking Digital (Ratek)

The Digital Shaking Heated Waterbath SWB10D240 is the perfect machine when working with small numbers of tubes or smaller flasks The SWB10D240 10L Waterbath is a smaller capacity, low temperature precision heated shaking waterbath. The […]

Water Bath – SWB20D 20L: Shaking Digital (Ratek)

The Digital Shaking Heated Waterbath SWB20D provides a large shaking platform to agitate samples whilst precision controlled temperature is applied The SWB20D Waterbath’s  digital PID control ensures accurate and stable temperature control from ambient +5° […]

Water Baths, Digital – WBx000D Series: Heated (Ratek)

The WBx000D Series of  Digital Heated Waterbaths feature an energy efficient design with double insulation to retain heat, using less power The WBx000D baths can be utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, […]