Cloning & Protein Expression

Protein Ladders – AccuRuler (Maestrogen)

AccuRuler Prestained Protein Ladders are supplied in gel loading buffer and are ready to use Protein Ladders, comprising of fragments of specific base pair length, are available for estimation of molecular weights from 8 to […]

Protein Purification – Purified proteins (Life Diagnostics)

Purified Proteins Life Diagnostics offers a range of Purified Proteins including: Purified Acute Phase Proteins Purified Cardiac Proteins Purified Immunoglobulins Purified Liver Biomarkers Purified Skeletal Muscle Proteins, and PEG-Proteins. View the product flyer for more […]

Protein Purification with Strep-tag® Technology (IBA Lifesciences)

The Strep-tag® System is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems for protein purification, detection and immobilization Strep-tag® Protein Purification system is based on the highly selective and easily controllable interaction between the […]

Protein Purification – Gravity Flow Columns: Strep-Tactin® XT Superflow® High Capacity (IBA)

Simplify your recombinant protein purification – high purity from a simple one-step purification results in high purity Strep-tag® Purification System is based on the highly selective binding of engineered streptavidin, called Strep-Tactin®, to Strep-tag® II […]

Protein Purification – Strep-Tactin®Sepharose® (IBA Lifesciences)

The Strep-Tactin® Sepharose® resin is used for gravity flow purification of recombinant Strep-tag® proteins Strep-Tactin® Sepharose® bulk resin is recommended for packing of columns since the resin is optimized for column affinity chromatography rather than […]

Protein Purification – Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® (IBA Lifesciences)

Efficient protein purification independent from the protein class Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® columns contain a 4% agarose coupled with the streptavidin variant Strep-Tactin®XT. Due to the broad pH compatibility, excellent pressure stability, outstanding target purity (> 95%), […]

Protein Purification – Twin-Strep-Tag® Capture Kit for SPR (IBA Lifesciences)

The Twin-Strep-Tag® Capture Kit is intended for site-directed, reversible capture of Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins for biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) devices The Twin-Strep-Tag® Capture kit consists of: Strep-Tactin®XT SPR Immobilization Buffer Regeneration […]

Reagents – Agarose Affinity Resins – Protein A (IBA Lifesciences)

Protein A Agarose affinity resins are a very cost effective reagent for purifying human and mouse IgG antibodies Protein A Agarose has a high dynamic capacity combined with an excellent NaOH stability. It binds to […]

Magnetic Beads – MagStrep “Type3” XT (IBA Lifesciences)

Due to their magnetic core, no cetrifugation step is required for MagStrep “Type3” XT Beads  The IBA Lifesciences MagStrep “Type3” XT Beads are Strep-Tactin®XT coated ferrimagnetic spheres with the following characteristics: High binding capacity (0.85 […]

Protein Detection: Staining Solution – Ponceau S (Cleaver Scientific)

Ready-to-use Polceau S Staining Solution is reusable Polceau S Staining Solution (Catalog No. CSL-PSS) is ideal for membrane staining and early protein detection, following transfer before Western Blotting. Available in convenient 500 ml bottle. Please […]

Protein Detection: Western Blotting – ECL Substrate Kits (Abcam)

ECL Blotting Substrate Kit The ECL Western Blotting Substrate (ab65623) is a sensitive, non-radioactive, enhanced luminol-based chemiluminescent substrate for easy detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or immunoblots. The ECL Western Blotting Substrate offers superior signal […]

Protein Detection: Western Blotting – LumiGO ECL Substrate (Cleaver Scientific)

The best entry level ECL substrate on the market The ECL substrate, LumiGO, has stable light output for low picogram detection level. The formulation provides a low background for a high signal to noise ratio. […]