Cell & Tissue Culture

Incubator, CO² – S-Bt Smart Biotherm (BioSan)

Compact CO² Incubator – S-Bt Smart Biotherm provides excellent uniform temperature distribution with six-sided heating S-Bt Smart Biotherm is designed for work in the areas of cell biology (operations with animal cell cultures and tissues), […]

Incubators, CO² – CelCulture®: with High Heat Sterilization (ESCO)

CO² Incubators – CelCulture® are available in 2 sizes, 170L and 240L The Esco CelCulture® CO₂ incubator with 180°C High Heat Sterilization Cycle offers efficient contamination protection and hassle-free maintenance without compromising accuracy and reliability […]

Incubators, CO² – CelCulture®: with IR sensor (ESCO)

CO² Incubators – CelCulture® are available in 3 sizes, 50L, 170L and 240L Esco CelCulture® CO₂ incubators are widely used in scientific research to grow and maintain cell cultures. Typical fields of application include tissue […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Forced & Natural Convection, Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Incubators The Isotherm forced convection incubators are ideal for thermal convection applications such as bacteria culture and Coliform determination. Their many features include ergonomic design, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Refrigerated Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Refrigerated Incubators are widely used for applications such as BOD determination and environmental research With ergonomic design, microprocessor PID controls, 4-zone heated air jacket and precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package, Esco […]

Sealing Mats, Sealing Films & Sealing Film Roller (Axygen®)

Axygen® Sealing Solution Products are suitable for applications ranging from PCR and real-time PCR to ELISA and cell culture AxyMat Sealing Mats – for PCR Microplates and Assay and Storage Microplates. Research-grade silicone sealing mats […]